Bring Back the Bling!!

Is your jewellery not as shiny and bling as it once was when you first brought it? Perhaps there is some debris or dirt that you want to get rid of without damaging your jewellery or spending too much money. If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions then you are definitely at the right place!

Having a jewellery store clean your jewellery can get quite expensive. With some care and the right cleaners, your precious studs can shine brighter than before. Follow these easy steps to clean your earrings.



  • The best way to clean jewellery is to use an old toothbrush and dishwashing liquid or even toothpaste, it works wonder!
  • To remove Tarnish off of silver you can use baking soda but keep in mind that if your silver has cemented stones, pearls or porous stones it’s better to use the other alternatives.
  • We highly recommend you don’t leave the push back attached to the earrings while cleaning, instead you should clean them together unattached. If you are afraid that you’ll drop the push back into the sink then we suggest you use a strainer while you straining the water.
  • Soak your rings, bracelets, and necklaces in your preferred solution for a few minutes.
  • You can remove the debris on the push back of your earrings with the toothpick.
  • Holding your jewellery in your hand gently scrub the stone and the metal backing.
  • Rinse off in water, dry with a soft cloth, and they come out sparkling clean.
    • If you find too much of dirt and debris in the corners you can soak them over night in a dish-washing liquid and follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

Once you have tried this at home you will rise and shine to the brightness of your brand new looking jewellery!

Studs and Ear Piercing!

To make a statement people are turning towards getting Studs to adorn their body. The most common of it being ears! However, there is a lot of care that needs to be extended after getting your ears pierced. It is an exciting process to have the ears pierced. Be it the first time that you are doing or the second. Just ensure that the metal that you choose to adorn your ears with does not turn out to be allergic for you.

How do you care for your ears after piercing?

  • Keep it clean! – Clean your hands thoroughly with water before cleaning the ear piercing that you have done. Make use of a cotton ball and apply a cleanser preferably antibiotic while cleaning the ear piercing.

Why do you need a stud?

  • Mix and Match! – Once you have your ears pierced, you could just play around. Get some colourful studs for yourself and let them add that extra zing to your outfit or hairstyle.
  • Pick your stud! – As per your preference you could have diamond, gold, plastic pieces or just sterling silver as a stud on your years. These studs not only look good but also enhance your overall appearance!

How do you store your stud?

  • Infection free! – To keep your earrings dry and clean before storing them in a container. This would let you be infection free even if you let the earring be in the storage container even for a month.
  • Storage options! – Earring holders, pill organizers even chocolate boxes could be used for storing your studs or earrings. Place the pairs individually and close the lid firmly.


If you still have doubts come down to Studex and get pampered with a new Stud! The expert care provided to you at Studex would not let you go out seeking out for care tips anywhere else. Feel the care that you receive at Studex and experience the difference.


Studex Offers Birthstones

What would be the first thought in your mind when you think of birthstones?

In general terms, a birthstone is just a kind of jewellery worn by people who believe in the power of these stones. Traditionally the birthstones are gemstones related with the qualities that a birth month symbolizes. Following is a peek-a-boo on the months and the birthstones associated with them:

Month                                  Birthstone                          Known for

January                –              Garnets                            Consistency, True Friendship, Fidelity

February              –              Amethyst            –              Sincerity, Peace of mind, Freedom

March                   –              Bloodstone         –              Be brave and Get Wiser!

April                       –              Diamonds            –              Innocence

May                       –              Emerald               –              Happiness and love

June                      –              Agate                    –              Health and Wealth

July                        –              Ruby                      –              Do away with anxiety

August                  –              Sardonyx             –              For love and companionship

September         –              Sapphire              –              Trouble free healthy mind

October               –              Opal                       –              Be free from troubles!

November          –              Topaz                    –              Be blessed with friends!

December           –              Turquoise            –              Success

 Adorn these jewels for the some additional luck! There is no harm in taking chances!


Express yourself with body piercing – Handy Tips before you get yourself pierced!

People especially teenagers and the youth alike these are prone towards getting their body pierced! Body piercing could be done to uplift or in other words modify their looks or to just make a style statement. Body piercing has been done from times immemorial. The most accepted form of piercing, however, happens to be ear piercing. In India, ear piercing has been continued to be done by men and women. As per some customs and traditions, even the tiny tots who are not even a month old have to get their ears pierced. Nevertheless, before you pierce your body, consider the following to remain aloof from the probable risks to your body:

F Keep the area infection free! – No matter which part of the body you choose of get the piercing done, be it your eyebrows, ears, nostrils, lips, tongue or the belly button, have the area cleaned with preferably a antibacterial soap before you get the same pierced.


F Keep up with the Immunizations! – Ensure that you have done the immunizations in particular the tetanus as well as the hepatitis. These will help you detain from any probable risks of infections when the piercing is healing.


F Health check! – Always share your health history with the professionals whom you have chosen to get your piercing done from. For instance a person who has diabetes would not which inturn is not controllable has a grave risk of getting infected after having his piercing done. Therefore, it is for your own good to share about any such diseases or allergies with the professionals before you get yourself pierced so that you are safe.


F Adhere to the consultants/ professionals advice – Always follow the instructions that are given to you by the professionals to take care of your piercing. Normally each kind of piercing takes some time to heal, to do away with the probable infections, keep the area always hygienic and adhere to the precautions and care provided to you.


Further, it is to be noted that each of us may have the urge to do some piercing, however please know not all skin surfaces would be suitable for the same. Professional guidance is a must when you think about piercing.

Thus, to get yourself pierced always trust the professionals and to get a risk free and safe piercing experience when in Mumbai trust only Studex!