Get safe and painless belly piercings!



Like the old saying goes, “Change is always constant”, is also applicable to the world of fashion. How long have you been sporting the same look, day in and day out? Even your mirror would get bored of staring at the same face. A small tweak is all that is needed to make your friends go, wow, that’s a refreshing change! Many a times, we are so hooked up with our daily chores that we forget to pamper ourselves and think of trying something outrageous to spice up your sense of style! Studex is here to help you do just that!


How about trying out a belly piercing? Sounds like a plan? Don’t overthink; just go with your gut instinct! The best decisions are the ones which are made from your heart and not by your brains! But there is a fine line between deciding from your heart and your brains, because it’s best to make the right use of both your brains and heart wisely and because you cannot afford to make the wrong decision. Especially when it comes to piercings! Studex is a brand that people all over the world has trusted. You can almost close your eyes and trust us, that’s the kind of quality that we offer in all our services! We have always followed high class standards to offer absolutely safe and painless piercings!


Studex has tied hands with MediSept to offer belly piercings for you! There is a huge checklist that is considered before going ahead with any of our procedures. Come to us and you will experience something that you would have never imagined of! Our world class piercing systems are designed in such a way that your piercing is done within few minutes. The procedure is also completely safe and painless. All our customers have always been happy with us and come back for more. We keep in mind the sensitive nature of your beautiful skin and offer after care solutions too.


So go funky, be bold and try getting a belly piercing done this summer to add a zing back in your life and to stun your friends with your new look!     

Giving your piercings a safe and stylish approach



Some combinations in life are hard to find. Like finding a perfect match for you! Like choosing the perfect mix of flavours for your ice cream! Just like that Studex is a beautiful combination of technology and style at its best. There are very few brands like us who have continuously impressed our customers all over the world. What makes Studex unique and stand out from the rest of its competitors is the use of technology that aims at offering absolutely safe piercings for you! We always follow international standards to ensure absolutely painless piercings for you.


We take into consideration your sensitive skin for all our processes. That’s the reason why all our customers have always been delighted with our top-notch services. The range of stylish studs that you can select from is so huge that you will definitely have a hard time choosing just one. We follow all the changing trends in fashion for designing every collection of ours, so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to choose your studs. In most other countries piercing is a medical procedure and there are certain protocols that need to be religiously followed.  Studex ensures that each of these rules is never neglected in any way. We have invariably revolutionised the piercing industry by setting the highest benchmarks to offer safe and painless piercings. Our aftercare solutions are designed to make sure that you are not prone to any kind of allergies even after you get pierced. We have also ventured into nose and belly piercings since it is growing in popularity day by day under a new roof called Medisept. So think of revamping your sense of style and surprising your friends by getting a cool nose or belly piercing done this summer and leave all your worries behind about hurting yourself or fearing about skin allergies as we follow world-class standards.


So now that you have found the perfect match of safety and style, don’t wait any longer, hit the nearest outlet and Studex your ears today!