Check your style quotient with Studex


Today the world is all about style. It makes us confident wherever we go or whatever we do. The accessories we put, the clothes we wear, the way we walk , the way we talk, eat, it’s all fashion and is done by the choice of our style.Fashion has changed the lifestyle of the people on every point of any civilization. Style is how we choose to look and become, it gives us the aspect of belonging to a certain do of the urban society. Today’s generation has evolved with a very holistic approach, it’s become bolder and yet very unique in its own way.Our dress up sense makes  the one perfect fabulous which attracts the people around us. They start appreciating not by seeing our faces but idealize the accessories, the clothes  we wear. Style is mandatory, everywhere, whether at home, office ,school, hotel, meeting style is always around, With style comes the real image of a person; like a distant signature of one’s being.


Studs and earrings in the world of style and fashion have had their fair share of evolutionary impacts; some of them are still around and some extinct, but who knows one day they will come back..! For instance large hoops and feather studs are long gone and no one even talks about them anymore; though small hoops are still around. There is a certain trend that decides which ones are out and which in, and a pride filled statement of translating can be stated via Studex too. We provide the approach for the availability of style in the world of studs and earrings, it’s not just style but the deliverance of the sophistication regarding the latest trend, latest buzz and also the most concerned piercing equipments for the safest piercings, Studex gives you all that you and your style needs. Providing you that EXACT you always look forward to, along with the changing times, Studex has all that sparkles is Studex kinda containment.


What you wear is your confidence what Studex does is it adds a beauty spot or shall we say a sparkling attention to your being. The latest the best and the most hip trends around are all found at Studex coz its here where style is redefined. 

Bring back that spark in your friendships with Studex


Good friends always make it a point to meet up once in a while, even though they are extremely tied up. They can complete each other’s lines and can laugh remembering the jokes and funny incidents that they experienced together long time back. It is always important to value and nurture friendships like these, because good friends are actually hard to find. Let not silly misunderstandings come in the way of a beautiful friendship and ruin it for ever!


Gifts are a good way to surprise your best friend and bring a bright smile on their faces. How about gifting your friend a pair of stunning studs from Studex? We have the widest range of extremely trendy studs to go with the personality of your best pal! Every friend has his or her own traits, based on this you can select from the wide range of studs at Studex. There are trendy studs who like to get into a funky look! We have elegant ones that you can wear in your parties. The ear piercing systems at Studex are known for offering extremely safe and painless piercings with its world-class technology. Our customers have always been amused by the ease with which the piercings are carried out at Stiudex! We also take care of your sensitive skin and have technology for offering safe piercings for babies. Also nose and belly piercings are the latest trends around the world and most fashion icons are sporting one of these. It won’t be a bad idea to get your bellies pierced along with your best friend to share a bond that you would always remember for a lifetime.


So now that you have realised the importance of friendship, go ahead hit the nearest Studex outlet, along with your friends and get pierced without feeling even a bit of pain. Flaunt stunning studs from Studex and tell the world how good your friendship is!


Studex offers a collection of studs that you will marvel at!

With the widest range of stud collection from Studex the world of studs has found the best place for the trend’s exhibit. Drop into a store or order it online; the extensive collection of studs from Studex will satisfy all your cravings for the rights studs and earrings. It is often a common experience while purchasing studs that you’re presented with a very little choice of variety and sometimes with prices those talk only about how much and not how many. So considering these limitations Studex has these broad variety of studs and earrings that the possibilities of what you want and what you should both are presented to its best.

Valuing and understanding the fact that style and trend is not a requirement entitled to a certain age only but rather is a feeling of a belonging to a certain commonness in the most exclusive manner; which gives  such a self complimenting confidence that makes one understanding the value of fashion; trend and style. Studex gives this opportunity to all ages; it could be your just a baby learning your first walk of life or could be retired person talking a long well deserved rest after the longest walk of life. YOU CAN SPORT EM STUDS! And yet be in sync and style; socially charming everyone with your sparkling persona; and you can get ‘em all at Studex. If you value birthstones; Studex has got ‘em; sapphire; ruby and many other stones too and if you have higher concern about your sensitive skin; Studex also offers you hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears. Now you’ve got the all age category covered; the range of gems and stones, birthstones; hypoallergenic earrings and last but not the least and yet the most asked questions during piercings; Is it safe and sterilized? Does it hurt? What sort of equipment? Any after care?, etc. A simple and yes and no might not suffice to answer this; but Studex has System75 that proudly answers and delivers all your doubts to an absolute clearance. So if it’s anything to do with studs and earrings, it’s at Studex.

If you want to be trendy, expect it to be funky; it needs to make you look stylish and yet you really care about the elegant aspect of your being too. Get em all @ its best and get ‘em all at Studex. You care for the best, Studex delivers the rest; give yourself a stud you and your style deserves because it’s only for you that Studex offers a collection of studs that you will marvel at! Get ‘em now!