Studex lets you bring out that detailed clarity


Good looks doesn’t occur naturally; everytime; most of the time you need to work on it. Who you are is beautiful and real but for that beauty to be perceived at its best depends on how you choose to display it. Your choice is always at the risk of acknowledgements, you could be wearing something you firmly dislike but then you get appreciated by all and sometimes you would be wearing your ultimate desire which unfortunately is received with opinions you did not have the slightest clue about. So you and your mind is always at war about what you want to wear and what actually looks good. Like they say everything that glitters is not gold, especially in the world of Earrings and studs it appears to be a very basic and an elementary fact. You could afford a rock the size of an apple but then to place it on your ears just to illustrate your passion for diamonds is not the kinda approach you’d like to portray right? So then to know what looks good on you and what good really means is what Studex does in the most refined level.

The widest range of pristine earrings and studs where every pick is the finest, every choice is refined that would compliment your looks to its best. Where you’ll not be confused as to what would look good on you? and what is a good looking you? Studex simplifies your choice and gives you that confidence of a proper selection, most importantly as per the norms of the globally recognized trend, you don’t need like an extensive research to know what’s going around in the world of studs, where you need to look at pieces and reject them because no one is wearing them anymore, Simply why waste time looking at them if no one wears them anymore.

Studex’s widest collection of studs and earrings are perfectly timed to the latest trend and fashion statements around the globe, when you are looking for a stud at Studex you are presented with all the choices that falls under the term “TRENDY and ELEGANT”. Look at the mirror or have anyone else see you; that adorable YOU! will be found with studs from Studex. A good picture is a clear one, with absoluteness in perspective and display. Studex brings out that detailed clarity in you and your stylish being, your eyes and everyone else’s will look happy.

The perfect shine while you wine and dine



Christmas is almost here and Santa is ringing his bells really hard. You can almost hear them now. Though we have all grown up and learnt a lot from our experiences and have read a lot of books which has made you wiser, we would not want to believe that Santa actually resides near the north-pole. But for the month of December we would all want to bring out the kid within us who gets excited every time it hears the same old story of Santa and Rudolf his red nosed reindeer pulling his sledge over the snow clad mountains. Each one of us has special wishes. There is a festive spirit around and people are merrily singing lovely carols from their hearts! It is a time when many gifts are opened and many faces have a surprised look. People wearing lovely Christmas hats spreading love and happiness all around.

Studex wants to be a part of your celebration. We have an amazing range of studs that will make you look gorgeous. Christmas is when there are sparkling lights all around and our studs will add up to the Christmas spirit. You could also play secret Santa and surprise your loved one by gifting them some lovely studs from Studex. You cannot look very ordinary when Christmas is here if you want to impress the one you have an eye on. Studex helps you complete your look no matter what you are wearing. We have studs for every occasion in every colour that can set the mood for the occasion, the colours of the season being Red and white.

So now that you have so many options in front of you, simply hit the nearest outlet and take a look at the amazing range of Studs for you and your loved ones. We want to be a part of your Christmas and want to bring a sparkling smile on your face with our sparkling studs!


Multiple piercings: The way to go


We have a tendency to hold onto some of our own perceptions about our style. We do not like to budge when someone tells you that the jacket that you are wearing does not look very interesting. In-fact we would rather take a stand and give justifications as to why the jacket that you are wearing is so stylish or special. You might as-well end up convincing your friends about your idea because you have already put your foot down. Some of your friends might be so fed up that they would feel that they are better off if they do not raise their voice and would rather put up fake miles and nod to everything that you say. But these friends on the contrary would be laughing out loud in their minds at your ignorance and arrogance. We cannot do much about this because it’s more of a human trait that is very common among most of us which sometimes is not noticeable.

Piercings are very fashionable no doubt, but there is so much more to explore. Famous celebrities all over the world have been spotted with multiple piercings in their ears. The thought of getting multiple piercings is sometimes scary because we think that we will have to face a lot of pain in the entire procedure. Studex is a brand that offers absolutely painless, easy and safe piercings keeping in mind the sensitive nature of your skin. All our customers go back with a bright smile on their face when they realise that they were under a big misconception that getting pierced is a difficult and a painful procedure. You simply need to trust us and open up your minds and try out new piercing styles. Multiple piercings are really funky and showcases your unique style. It denotes that you are a go-getter and have a sporty attitude. It tells people about your confident and fun loving attitude.

So this December go out and get multiple piercings on your ears and tell the world how fashion conscious you are. Studex is here with world-class technology to offer totally safe piercings for you. After you Studex your ears make sure to carry your cool attitude along with you to make some heads turn!

Be yourself with studs at Studex

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The most important thing about looks is that it’s only you who’s got to wear it; your style’s comfort, in sync with your attitude is all about it isn’t it? & it only suits best to those who acknowledge the ways of styling, the approach for that extra; that brings out the best in them. You’ll find many bold “Stylers” making all the fun they can of themselves with absolute pride trying too hard to style but that’s alright too if it works for them but style is not just about the courage to do something to prove anybody rather it’s about the approach to live a life style with a feeling of doing something that builds that self loving bond of an individual, the relationship with himself/herself getting better everytime with every approach. The respect for that “me”, giving all the right things that make that “me” look good in the mirror and in the eyes of all those other “me’s” who live their own style ways. This makes style such a happy aspect, the very nature of it so contagious that it brings out the vibrant colors of a stylish versatility in a beautiful display from everyone around doing their own thing; people concerned about looking good, being themselves. So style is all about that “good looking happy me” and if anyone who finds that “good looking happy me” there is no better good looks one can achieve. Like mentioned earlier the most important thing about looks is that it’s only you who’s got to wear it, similarly nobody but you know the way your style can be carried out; and when you are one with your style, there is no stopping you from your awesomeness.


Studex offers your style the choices you won’t find elsewhere. With the widest variety of studs from Studex all the right choices for your kinda style are deemed “available”. From birthstones; gems of your choices, diamonds and all that sparkle of your desire, you will find them at Studex. So once you figure out what suits your style cravings you will be sporting them on your ears; wearing your good looks around. Sport your sparkle and become the one who really knows how to make this “me” look good, because only you can. Be yourself with studs at Studex; you are style, if not you who is?