7 must haves for every girl’s wardrobe

There are certain things that every girl must have in her wardrobe to avoid having days when you pull your hair wondering what to wear, staring at the mirror.  
A formal Jacket
Looking smart when you are at work will help you make the right impression at the right time. The best way to do that is by sporting a smart formal jacket or suit. You can team it up with formal skirts or trousers; it’s your wish.
A sexy evening dress
Red or black works like magic almost every time. Your wardrobe is literally incomplete if it doesn’t have one of those sexy black dresses that you can flaunt at a party. Don’t have one? Head out to shop now.
Good pair of shades
You never know when the sun is going to come all blazing at you. Protect your eyes and also look stylish at the same time by wearing one of those stunning pair of shades. We bet you will win some glares for sure.
High heels
We know it’s sometimes uncomfortable to wear high heels, but we are not asking to wear them always. Sport them only on special occasions to not lose its charm.
The right accessory like necklaces, bangles, nose rings, or earrings can add a whole new dimension to your look for the day. Do remember to have some that match the colours of your clothes.
A cute handbag or sling bag
They don’t just help you carry your essentials, but also make you look stylish. These days, there are zoli bags, sling bags with funky prints and shapes that you might want to try carrying along.
Comfy Pyjamas
And when it’s time to sit back and relax, you need to be in your most comfortable attire. Wear those cotton pyjamas you have always loved and watch your favourite movies all night or read your next-on-the-list novel.
So now that you know everything, all you have to do is go on a crazy shopping spree.