We love their smiles and want to keep them smiling even after an ear piercing.


The moment you look at them, you’ll definitely wish that you were still a kid. Today as we lose ourselves in the boring, mundane routines of life, their refreshing smile can actually make your day! The innocence that reflects in their eyes when they smile is unmatchable. They are up to some or the other mischief and are always looking for answers. Though they may make you go crazy with their questions, you won’t be able to stop smiling at them. Ear piercings and Studs definitely look really cute on them, but the thought of making them go through a painful experience might make you take a step backwards. But Studex has a different story for you, 

something that will drive your worries away!

Studex is by far the number one brand that ensures that every piercing is absolutely safe and painless. We have known all over the world for manufacturing safe piercing systems namely System75 and Universal that are safe for your sensitive skin. We follow international standards while carrying out any of our ear-piercing processes. Studex has now introduced a special range of studs designed for sensitive skin of babies and kids, Tiny Tips! It has become popular in a fairly small period of time. You will be surprised to see how our piercing systems do not let your little ones go through any kind of pain. The safety precautions that we take will also assure that their skin is not infected in any way. This is how Studex has managed to earn its trust over the years!

So the next time you are in two minds about getting your lovely little ones ear-pierced, don’t worry, visit Studex and watch your kids smile.