Studex is all about safety, style and sparkle


For being in the fashion industry any brand needs to be sync with the changing fashion trends in the market. Studex is one brand that goes beyond just that. It is known all over the world to manufacture safe piercing systems to make sure that every ear-piercing is absolutely safe, quick and painless. System 75 and Universal are two such piercing systems that Studex manufactures which is trusted and accepted all over. We make it a point to follow international safety procedures before we go ahead with any kind of piercing. That’s the reason why most of our customers like coming back to us and get their friends along too. Out first time customers are sometimes anxious when they come to us but then, they go back with a smile on their faces. Everyone who comes to us finds it surprising when they realize that ear-piercings can be so painless. There is a general notion that piercings are painful which could also lead to skin allergies and infections. Studex is here to break that myth by using world-class technology for revolutionizing the concept of ear-piercings.

It’s not just technology that we are concerned about, we also offer scientifically formulated aftercare solutions that will keep your glowing skin and your smile intact even after you get your ears pierced. Apart from ear piercings, we also offer nose and belly piercings through Medisept, since people across the globe are going bold and started sporting these kinds of piercings. In fact, ear piercings are now becoming more popular in the men’s fashion circuit too. Studex also has a huge collection of stylish studs that you can choose from. Our panel of designers is constantly observing the style trends and coming up with interesting designs in every collection of ours. You won’t have to hop from one place to the next to find that perfect pair of studs that you’ve been looking for. We give you an assurance that you’ll definitely find something that suits your sense of style.

When technology, innovation and style go hand in hand, you know what to expect. Expect only the best at Studex… the best to bring out the best sparkling smile in you!

For men who are meant to sparkle

Stylish men of today are extremely careful about choosing thier styling ways. Hip and happening are not the only words meant for the men of style, to them its mostly about an elegant look that can deliver an affluent style   that would keep up with thier stylish attitude and a striking persona.
Men and women have always needed thier accessories to match  thier styling ways. Take studs for instance today men sport them on both the ears, style icons deliver this style statement with such finesse and stylish  confidence making it look preety obvious that men do look great sporting studs on both ears. Studex offers the widest range of studs for men along with world class piercing system that uses top notch precisioned piercing equipments, the best assurance for those muscle men that can pack a knockout punch but a simple thought of piercing can knock them out instead,  face your fear piercings @ Studex is all about smile and style, all you’ll feel is the sudden transition of a sparkling style all set to deliver awesomeness in the most striking ways, it,ll be done by the time you can say “momie“.
A man’s true signature is found in his styling ways, and when that signature finds a sparkle, the outlook of an affluent  understanding of a self stylestyle can be measured. Studs @ Studex is all.about procreating a style that likes a mirror, attentive eyes, a sparkling gesture that knows how to be liked and admired with a spectacular understanding of style and time. A detail that makes a man shine wih a sparkle that illustrates the display of an honestly and awesomely stylish man who knows the whereabouts of a striking charisma. Studex made for men meant to sparkle.