Bring Back the Bling!!

Is your jewellery not as shiny and bling as it once was when you first brought it? Perhaps there is some debris or dirt that you want to get rid of without damaging your jewellery or spending too much money. If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions then you are definitely at the right place!

Having a jewellery store clean your jewellery can get quite expensive. With some care and the right cleaners, your precious studs can shine brighter than before. Follow these easy steps to clean your earrings.



  • The best way to clean jewellery is to use an old toothbrush and dishwashing liquid or even toothpaste, it works wonder!
  • To remove Tarnish off of silver you can use baking soda but keep in mind that if your silver has cemented stones, pearls or porous stones it’s better to use the other alternatives.
  • We highly recommend you don’t leave the push back attached to the earrings while cleaning, instead you should clean them together unattached. If you are afraid that you’ll drop the push back into the sink then we suggest you use a strainer while you straining the water.
  • Soak your rings, bracelets, and necklaces in your preferred solution for a few minutes.
  • You can remove the debris on the push back of your earrings with the toothpick.
  • Holding your jewellery in your hand gently scrub the stone and the metal backing.
  • Rinse off in water, dry with a soft cloth, and they come out sparkling clean.
    • If you find too much of dirt and debris in the corners you can soak them over night in a dish-washing liquid and follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

Once you have tried this at home you will rise and shine to the brightness of your brand new looking jewellery!

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