Where you are is where the trend takes you.

Living a life king size is just a realization of the things one needs to perform in ones true time, doing what is to be done at the time when it has to be; it’s the only road we all walk on; because sadly of all the things that can wait for us, time; it has always been the arrogant one; never understood the importance of tardy kinda situations. But then it’s this thing about time that makes one’s life such a fascinating occasion. It is time that brings such a wonderful aspect of “living today” a special proposition and those who save for tomorrow also make sure their today is filled with colors too.

They say tomorrow never dies hence we will always live today, everyday different from yesterday but though around the same old things that once made us happy and content. We were really happy then when we used pigeons to send a message, we were happy now when we type the letters and press send on a Cell Phone. Tomorrow we’ll be happy when we have something new but the question here is when we are doing what we do why not do it in the best of the ways? Evolution is unstoppable, so why don’t we evolve in style? Is a valid prospect. Right?  Hypothetically speaking; why not have pigeons with a colored tail or a beak, or legs covered in a special pigeon socks of some kind, color coded pigeons or something; creating a trend that exclusively defines a necessity in a stylish accent and people from different areas and regions who’d follow this practice would make messages an exciting and aspiring and even a better informative one; completely in sync with the “message” evolution too.

Though it’s like a blind folded swing talk and also we could be too late to do so but then this theory does propose the attribute which makes style a popularly accepted practice, a practice that can be summarized with this term called “THE TREND”. No matter where, what and how you will be following some kind of trend, even if you are sitting watching the most boring show on the face of earth on your T.V; with the minimum of two other families watching the same on different locations, still you are following a trend that T.V show intends to offer. Thus deciphering the fact that no social human being can live without following a trend and the acceptance of this trend is what makes your kinda stylish, your way of the cool and wow factor.

Studs that sparkle your charm

Looking good is what we all intend to acquire in the best of our interest, call it comfort, call it style, to look good is what we look forward too, always. The world is and has always been about presentation, it’s the way you present yourself that makes you a part of a society, the better you are at presenting the better you get acknowledged and accepted. The establishment of hierarchy in any social group for that matter is infact based in the modes of presentation one proves to claim. Some present their strength, some their wit, some intelligence and knowledge and some their wealth and those who present all of these attributes in a certain trend distinguishes them from the rest. If a man has a lot of wealth, carrying a huge bag full of money around the neighborhood is no presentation even if he has the potential, if a beautiful woman walks around without a thread in her body, its no way to present her beauty.

So it depends on how you present what you have. The best way of presentation is also guided by a certain trend, attained by accepting the contemporary rituals of a society, of a culture or of a certain know how of the latest do’s and following the constant of time “CHANGE” because the ways of presentation changes with time too. Ear rings and Studs for instance, Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body modifications, with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. Early evidence of earrings worn by men can be seen in archeological evidence from Persepolis in ancient Persia. The carved images of soldiers of the Persian Empire, displayed on some of the surviving walls of the palace, show them wearing an earring. So with references as such it’s clear that ear rings and studs were used for presentations from the ancient times. Today the world of piercings have taken a huge step forward or let us say has evolved to various modes of different ultra modern presentations methods. So those who are interested in this world of piercings are bound to be aware of the latest designs and ramifications evolved in this modern day styling attributes. Studex takes a huge credit in the modern day evolution of ear piercings. Safer piercings with styles that are in sync to today’s world of fashion and flamboyance.

Studex invest a lot of its time researching the facts that drives men and women to not only how safely one can pierce their ears but also what is that would prove this piercing to be a good looking one.

Define your attitude from your style, start with studs from Studex!

How do you feel when someone tells you, “You throw a lot of attitude”? There is very thin line between showing attitude and being egoistic. Attitude is something that defines your personality. Many of us think that having an air about everything you do is called attitude. But if you ask the most stylish people in town you will realise that attitude is all about having your own sense of style and charisma. Some of us break the extents and overdo things by loading up with the best make up in the world and wearing very jazzy accessories. But the matter of the fact is that it’s more about carrying it off in style. The most stylish people often go minimalistic and simple yet look amazing.

Studs are so small in size but add a whole lot of character to your look. Fashion buffs all around the world sport different kinds of studs on different occasions to complete their look. The world of studs is continuously reinventing to make better and new designs from time to time. Studex is a brand that keeps up with the changing trends in fashion to come up with interesting collections each time just for you. People are bolder now and don’t mind getting their bellies or noses pierced. Can you imagine nose piercings were first introduced in India and now it has gone global with many stars all over the world wearing ethnic nose piercings? There is a huge wave in the world of studs for men and you can see more and more men flaunting piercings on both their ears now. So hit the nearest Studex outlet and get an ear piercing done now to showcase your true attitude.

Studex is also known for world class technology to offer extremely safe and easy piercings. We also have after piercing solutions to make sure that you have no issues after getting pierced. None of our customers have ever complained. It’s like the idiom “Big thing come in small packages” really! A small yet stunning pair of studs from Studex can make a few heads turn and can help you earn you some admirers for sure without any effort at all when you are swaying to the music at a disc. So what are you waiting for now? Go and get pierced today at the nearest Studex outlet and hit the dance floors in style.

Two ear piercings the new do of the trendy

Studs and earrings on men have contemporized the fashion world since the 80’s. We’ve seen George Michael making the style statement and doing his do’s of the cool then. The world of 80’s saw a lot of fashion perspectives and the world since then has never been the same. Fashion upgrades and trend setting modes has seen changes and will; however for everyone that has one lifetime, fashion is something that credits the happy way of living this one life, the most good looking way. A sparkling stud on men has never failed an eye that would go without noticing it, it’s like the signature of a man portraying an attitude that displays a modish behavior, the cool kinda man with a sparkling persona and everything else that carries around that glittering style. Studs are certainly the most popular earrings for everyday wear. At school, in college, in the office, on the go, and even at the gym, they are not only practical, but also cool and sexy . For instance, the studs worn by reality TV star Kim Kardashian in April 2012 were probably the earrings which received the most attention last year. The new day man with studs on both ears gives a symbol of an extinguished and yet a well projected sexual orientation. The trend of men wearing earrings is nothing like it was in the past, today celebs and stars give an approach where they set an era for men who have that extra to carry around. When there was a time bad boys where the ones who wore earrings to flash around that macho look, the world today doesn’t seem so. It’s a style thing and not just a show of one’s attributes, cool is the consideration and studs are the do’s. Some say that men with just one earrings are going to get extinct one day and the much talked about two earrings are going to revolutionize the styling procedures and acknowledgments.

Studex comes with a wide range of studs for all; Silver, stainless steel, titanium and now hypoallergenic studs for all ages; name it Studex has it. To catch the latest sparkle get your studs from Studex, safety and hygiene at its best with the world class equipment and a name that goes all the way around the globe. Be informed about the latest do’s and do it at its best. Sport them studs from Studex on both your ears and claim the latest fashion statement and do yourself a stylish favor your ears will forever be thankful for. Two ear piercings the new do of the trendy, all yours to claim at the Studex.

The sparkling studs from Studex for that sparkling attitude

Fashion is something that is like a tide of wave. It keeps changing with time. The one who flows with this tide of fashion is the one who can conquer it. Studex has been a brand that has been a pioneer in doing this and the way we are cruising along there is no looking back. We have always researched about the latest trends that are being followed all across the globe to keep ourselves updated. Based on these studies and observations we keep designing new collections with a wide range of colours and styles.

We have studs that can complete your look for every occasion. Hoops are generally worn with elegant clothing for your night parties.  Multiple piercing on the same ears is also trending and many celebrities have been flaunting this new look. Men are now open to wearing studs on both their ears. We also have a wide variety on the colour front so that you can pair it up with any of your apparels. It’s amazing how the smallest pair of studs can help you make the perfect style statement. Studex not only has ear piercings we also have nose and belly piercings. Nose piercings is an Indian trend that has gone global now. If you have really flat abs and want to raise the oomph factor then be bold and go for a belly piercing.

It’s not just about the designs and colours, Studex is also backed up with world-class technology! Our ear piercing systems are used all over the world and are known for offering easy and safe piercings. Safety always comes first, and we follow those standards all the time. We also have very good after piercing solutions to take care of your sensitive skin. Our services have received many accolades from our customers and they love each and every collection that we come up with!