Studs for your kids

Do the supersonic, ear shattering, teeth jarring screams piercing the ambiance at your home keep you at the edge of your seat? The constant attention seeking whining of your child seems to bring out the worst in you. Instead of looking at this as a catastrophe, you can start by looking at the other bright side.

You have the opportunity to pamper your kids with something that would have their temperament running for a positive change. Hurry over to Studex and get them some fascinating studs which would have them distracted with the mirror for at least a while.

Buy them adorable studs this season, make them feel precious. Studex presents a variety of studs that would make the apple of your eye stand out.

Studs available in crystals, pearls, daisies, and different cuts and shapes that would best suit your beloved angel, we assure you the best quality and a distinctive display. We also offer fashion sensitive earrings for those delicate darlings so you don’t get a chance to complain. Going a step ahead, we provide after care lotions to keep those itches away.

A princess cut, crystal pear or a crystal heart, all that bling is sure to make their eyes gleam. Get them the joy, get them that charm. Have a tantrum-free shopping this time. 

Mothers : Our living God

What comes to you mind when one asks you about your mother? Maybe your world. Our world does revolve around everything our mom teaches us, inspires in us, willingly compromisingly does for us while at the same time silently being there through thick and thin wading with us through troubled waters. She’s your confider, your best friend, your care taker, your security blanket, your sympathetic ear, your motivator and your best judge so far.

 Who we are today and who we’ll be tomorrow would be formed by your upbringing and principles your mother ingrains in you. She’s a personal miracle, a supermom who would hug you in your high’s and low’s , calm you down when you hyperventilate, find out every lost thing in the proper place where it belongs, listen to your constant trivia of chatter and guide you through with that wise veil of experience, put up with your mood swings and still multi task and manage to run the household beautifully. Taking on so many roles right from the day we were placed in that cradle, she seems like a bright sunshine in those days of dark, like your shadow, never leaving your sight. Take this moment to thank her for all that she’s made you become, who you are today. Hug her, speak words of warmth and gratitude, let her know she’ s your living God, because all she’d ever want is your love, and she’d ask for nothing more.

A little bling doesn’t hurt much, does it?

When you aren’t sure what to give your better half to surprise the living daylights out of her, just because you are in a rare romantic mood, when you cannot figure out what to choose as a late make up gift for your best friends birthday, when you are in a fix with what to gift that sister as a congratulatory memoir, trust diamonds. 

A girls best friend, more loyal than that pug licking off the crumbs on your couch. A little bling is just what you need to liven up that low spirited day. A little dazzle is just what you want to jazz up that boring old attire and complement the new you. 

Studex presents a wide range of crystals, be it platinum, gold coming in hoops, pearls or crystals, they’d have you coming back for more (don’t fret, they are easy on your pockets, bedazzling on your ears!) 
Every attire is incomplete without something classy, something flashy to boast off. Make studs your best companions this season, they come in style, lovely shapes, beautiful colors and individual peculiarities.
Unmatched quality and an extravaganza of alluring bling, you sure cannot put down an offer as irresistible as this. You could also flaunt a little blingy stud on that belly piercing to show off that toned up belly and sizzle up the Summer!
Ornament your beauty with bling this season and attract all the attention you missed out on!

Emerald – Birthstone of the month

For those who were born in the month of May the Emerald is the traditional birthstone. The May birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Emerald is associated – loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. The traditional metaphysical properties for the May birthstone emerald are memory, clairvoyance and faith.

The healing properties of the May birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the eyes, fertility, the spine and headaches. The Emerald is also used to enhance mental capabilities.

Studex has a wide range of emerald studs that you can choose from! These stones are authentic and have all the qualities of a pure emerald. We have a collection of very stylish designs. You can select the designs which best fits your personality. Besides that it has been a proven fact that birthstones prove to be extremely lucky, so that’s another reason for you to buy an Emerald this May!

You could also surprise someone by gifting them a beautiful stud made of Emerald to make here feel at the top of the world. Studex also has world class equipment for piercings making it a painless experience. Our customers have never complained so you can trust us on that !