6 tips you should know before you get your ears pierced


Studs and piercings have always been in the fashion since several years. The idea has evolved to such an extent that today it’s more like a form of expression than just a style statement. But many of us in the excitement of getting a new piercing done, tend to not take into account the safety factors that need to be considered before getting pierced. The risks involved in doing this is too high and can be avoided to ensure that you don’t run into the danger of getting infected by skin allergies or other such health complications. Studex has been the most trusted brand to ensure that every piercing procedure follows international safety norms and hence has managed to earn its trust all over the world.

Studex being a responsible brand, here are a few tips and pointers you should think about before going ahead and making a decision to get pierced.  

1.     Don’t do it if you already have an open wound or an infection

It is always advised to avoid getting pierced if you already have an open wound or an infection in  the are where you are planning to get pierced. The risks of getting infected by allergies are higher if a poorly trained professional is conducting the procedure using unclean equipment.

2.     Avoid getting one, if your blood sugar level is higher than usual

If you are diabetic, then it’s important to check your sugar levels before getting pierced. If it’s more than normal then you have a greater risk of skin allergies as diabetes might make the healing process of your skin slower after getting pierced.  

3.     Consider lifestyle factors

If you work at a place where piercings are not accepted and are planning to remove them frequently, then it might increase chances of infection. Also, ensure that you don’t wear piercings when you are playing contact sports to avoid injuring your skin   

4.     Find a trained professional

It’s very important that you get your piercing done by a well-trained and qualified professional since they have a better understanding of the of the physiology and anatomy of the body part to be pierced. Studex manufactures safe piercing systems like System75 and Universal which are used by piercing professionals all over the world.

5.     The make of your piercing equipment and studs matters

Nickel-free rings, pins, and studs should be inserted to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and infections. Avoid wearing jewelry that’s too small, thin or of poor quality as could lead to skin allergies.

6.     Follow care instructions

Though it’s the last point we are mentioning here, it is one of the most important one. Care instructions are mentioned on products for you to read and understand the safety measures that need to be taken before using the same. Make sure you do that when you use a piercing system or wear a par of studs as well.

Now that you’ve read all the points, go ahead Studex your ears today!