Post-piercing care for your little ones

Post Piercing Tips

Post Piercing Tips

Don’t think that your job is done after posting your baby’s swaggy pictures on Facebook and Instagram. You need to take care of certain things which might affect your baby’s health. Here are some tips that will help you:

Cleanliness is a must

At least twice a day, make sure that you gently rotate the earrings and clean the front and back of her ear lobes with rubbing alcohol, an antiseptic product, or an antibiotic ointment. Keep an alarm if you tend to have a weak memory.

Watch out for allergic reactions

It’s very important to monitor your baby for any kind of allergic reactions caused due to the metals of the Earrings. Generally, 24- Carat Gold earrings are recommended as it is less likely to cause allergic reactions but if you are stringent then surgical steel earrings are the best option for you.

Don’t use Dangling earrings

Dangling Earrings might cause your baby to tug on them or even pull them out. If the earrings are pulled out and get into the baby’s mouth, they can cause a serious choking hazard. Simple studs look more elegant and classy.

Keep an eye out for infection

Signs of infection can include: pain, discharge, inflammation and bleeding if you encounter any of these signs it is recommended to take the earring off, clean it with alcohol and ask your baby’s doctor if you should apply any medication.

Try not to cause pain while cleaning

Firstly, do not remove the earrings before six weeks. Wipe some alcohol around the ear lobes and remember to twist the earrings at least once a day. Don’t press on your baby’s ear when doing so, as that can be painful. You surely don’t want to make your baby cry, do you?

Finally you can now sleep in peace and dream of ways to show off your baby’s style. That’s a relief, isn’t it?

Choose safety for your baby’s first move


Piercing is the first experience with your baby’s delicate body, so it is essential to do it safe and hygienically. Well, Studex is obviously the best and safest choice you can make.

Never compromise when it comes to your baby’s safety

Your baby is the most precious gift in your life, so the safety of your baby comes first. Let safety mix with style and you can make your friends jealous by posting pictures of your extremely cute and stylish baby on Facebook and Instagram without any worries.

Make use of the best and safest instruments for piercing

The instrument matters a lot when it comes to safety. Studex has designed System 75 which is incredibly safe as well as comfortable so that your child’s first piercing experience is tear free and filled with smiles.

Consult your baby’s pediatrician before piercing

Your baby’s pediatrician is the best person to guide you with your baby’s health. Consult the pediatrician to know if it’s the perfect time to go ahead with the piercing. It is often recommended for parents to wait until the first DTP vaccination which is usually administered at 8 weeks.

Pierce both ears at once

Go to a location where two staff members can perform the piercings to each ear lobe at once. If both the members fire the piercing gun at once the process is completed fast with minimum pain. Two is always better than one right?

Don’t forget your camera

Don’t you want to show off your baby’s swag on Facebook and Instagram? Well, it would be convenient if you could click pictures with your eyes and transfer it into a memory card, maybe you can invent something like that later but for the moment you’ll need a camera.

Whoo Hooo! Yay! Your baby now has stylish cuteness and is also safe.

Fashion Trends for Kids

The modern world is such that even kids desire to look fashionable, stylish and trendy. From babies in beanies to toddlers in suits & boots, time changed rather quickly than one could have ever imagined. Since style and cuteness go well hand in hand, most of the parents these days tend to fashion up their kids. If you too are a fashion loving and style-savvy parent then here are few ways you can make your little ones match your persona.

  • No matter how old you are, fashion always remains the same for everyone but when you talk about toddlers you have to do things a bit differently.
  • Often finding the right match or size for your kids tends to become a hectic and difficult task. Therefore, it is advised that you opt for the right resources.
  • Often parents like to dress up their little ones just the way they themselves do. Well to be frank, this really is not a bad idea to do so only if you manage to do it right.
  • The thing with kids fashion is that you can do a lot of experimentations because no matter what kids tend to carry everything they wear or may be their cuteness and innocence does.
  • Dressing up your kids like angels and princess are all part of past now. Try what’s trending, go torn jeans and casual jackets for your toddlers.

No matter what, always keep trying new fashion and trends for your little ones because happy kids are the cutest kids.