All Shapes All Around

Round is a pancake,
Round is a plum,
Round is a doughnut,
Round is a drum.
Round is a puppy,
Curled up on a rug.
Round are the spots,
On a wee ladybug.
Look all around,
On the ground, in the air,
You will find round things everywhere!
A song that’s taught to us in preschool reminds us that shapes we find every day, everywhere. Sometimes, when we look up at the
night sky we find stars twinkling at the crescent moon. Or, some other times when we walk into a garden of flowers, the radiant full
moon would be lavishly polishing over the bright buds and blooms. The majestic triangular mountain stands tall with the impeccably
square lobster eye – and who can help but fall in love with the heart in an apple!
Gone are the days when you had limited choices when it came to piercings. Studex has revolutionized the piercing industry by
introducing fashionable earring as a choice for single or multiple piercing studs. We now bring you a line of piercings that are based
on shapes.
The Shape line comes with Gold Plated and Medical Grade Steel studs that come in Star, Heart, Crescent Moon, Full Moon,
Square, Triangular, Flower and Cross shapes. The crystal embedded shape studs are Starlite, Heartlite and Starlite. They are perfectly
designed to highlight your earlobes and has sparkling crystals embedded in its centre. We invite you to try our trendy new designs
that come with safe and hygienic ear piercing systems.


There is no better time than a festive one to celebrate your freedom to choose right. Studex
brings you safe and gentle piercing solutions this Diwali with an incredibly sassy collection of ear
piercing studs, along with Medisept that brings you nose studs and belly piercing jewelry.
Studex Piercing System promises superior quality and hygiene that assures trouble free piercing
and after care products that supports a hassle free healing process. To match your mood of joy, you
can choose from the Crystals earring collection. The piercing studs come embedded with colorful
glistening crystals that add to your sparkling personality. Exquisitely designed, the line is made from
Gold Plated and Medical Grade Steel to assure allergy free piercing.
With the twirl and swirl of sparklers, this Diwali, flaunt your ear, belly or nose piercing and dance
to the music of celebration. Try out our different collection lines and play with various


If you believe that your body is a canvas for self-expression, then piercings are a creative and beautiful way to add more to your persona.

Men, women and children have practiced piercing across the globe for thousands of years. Mayans, for example, stretched their earlobes to accommodate gauges and ear expanders, also called earplugs. In Zulu culture, earplugs were part of a coming-of-age ceremony, symbolizing a child’s ears opening to an adult understanding of life. Lip piercing was embraced by Alaskan Eskimos up to the late 19th century to exhibit social status. For Indians, piercing was an ancient and sacred art. Body piercings used to be an integral part of temple celebrations and festivities.

However, in the last few hundred years’ skepticism has grown around body piercing, due to growing concerns over hygiene and allergy. The concern has grown due to the sudden popularity of body piercing and piercing enthusiasts express fear about the right choice of piercing methods and needles. Pain and infection is also an added worry.

Studex brings you regulated and risk free ear piercing with Medisept that brings you safe and hygienic nose and belly piercing. Studex is recognized as the leader in ear piercing systems and allergy-free fashion earrings for consumers of all ages. As the world’s largest manufacturer of ear piercing instruments, studs, and supplies we uphold an uncompromising commitment to quality and service that has lasted for over forty years. Studex adheres to the most rigorous health and safety standards for our products. As a result, all Studex sterilized ear piercing studs meet or exceed U.S Food & Drug Administration regulations and European Commission standards.

We invite you try our wide range of piercing systems and medical grade studs that is not only safe and allergy-free, but is also attractive and chic.

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