Read why Studex is the most trusted brand when it comes to safe piercings!


Trust is something that is earned and not bought. Every brand earns its trust after delivering excellence consistently. Studex has been doing that over the years and has managed to gain that trust of its loyal customers. We have always believed that, following international standards is a must when it comes to piercings and we have maintained that by never compromising on the quality of our piercing systems. These world-class piercings guarantee to offer a completely safe and painless piercing for you. Studex has actually changed the entire outlook that people across the world have about piercings. The general notion about piercings is that they are always painful and could be harmful for your sensitive skin. Anyone who has got their ears pierced at Studex would come to know what we are talking about. The systems are designed in such a way that before you realise it, you are done with the entire process of getting pierced. Also, our systems are completely safe for little babies as-well!

It is the trust that we built among our customers that makes them refer us to their friends. We have never faced any kind of issues after our customers get pierced at Studex, since we follow a checklist that is required to be followed according to international norms when it comes to piercings. We also offer after piercing solutions that assure that your sensitive skin is safe from any kind of allergies even after you get pierced. So now that you know that our piercing systems are trusted all over the world, hit the nearest store and Studex your ears right away!

How a sparkling stud can make the girl next door look like a glamorous diva!



Small things can mean a lot in our lives. Just like reminiscing some special words muttered by that special someone can make you smile all day long, you can follow some really handy fashion tips to make you look even more stylish and to add a dash of uniqueness to your personal sense of style. It’s crazy to know how some things that you would have otherwise gone noticed, can be the reason for such a big transformation. Simplicity works well when it comes to fashion and can never go wrong, even in the worst situations. But simple does not really mean common, simple ideas which are unique are far more effective than just simple ones. That is true for every successful and popular idea thought on this earth. Studex brings to the table exactly that: Recipe to make the “girl next door” look absolutely gorgeous. How do we do that? With our amazing range of earrings to suit your sense of style! We have studs for every mood for every occasion. Stop worrying of you are missing something from the changing trends in fashion. We try our best to keep ourselves abreast with these trends so that you can blindly trust us when you are making your next choice.


It’s not just style that we are worried about; safety is something that we will never compromise on. Our world-class ear piercing systems follow international standards and offer absolutely safe and painless piercings for you. This is to ensure that the smile on your face remains intact even when you are getting your ears pierced. Studex in collaboration with Medisept offers nose and belly piercings: A concept that is spreading across the globe like wildfire. Go ahead explore your wild side by getting a belly or a nose piercing done this summer when the scorching heat can be the excuse to flaunt your flat bellies with stunning piercings!   


So if you’ve been pondering of shaking things up a little and going bold with some funky studs from #Studex, then don’t waste even a single moment, Hit the nearest outlet and #Studex your ears right away with some sparkling studs,  because instinctive decisions are far more beautiful than the ones which are overthought of!


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