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How your birthstone can help carrying your style and luck together!

Birthstone Chart

You may not want to believe it, but the matter of the fact is that luck plays a big role in our lives. Sometimes you give it your best, but even then time has a different tale to say which is completely out of your hands. There are several cases where wearing a birthstone has brought in good times for many. And why wouldn’t you want to sport them when they look so adorable as well.

Studex has the widest range of fashionable birthstones which will not only bring luck and prosperity into your lives but also make you look gorgeous. There is a birthstone of significance for every month. From soothing Aquamarine to sparkling Diamonds, from the refreshing emerald to the stunning ruby, Studex has all of them in varying sizes and designs.

The birthstone for August is Peridot which has been used since centuries, and was originally called Olivine. The vibes of these beautiful lime green stone resonates energy which is believed to increase confidence and assertiveness. It also helps in maintaining a balanced mind with patience and clarity of thought.

Apart from stylish studs, Studex is known all over the world for manufacturing piercing systems that are absolutely safe on sensitive skin. Apart from that, Studex piercing systems are also loved because they make the procedure painless, easy and quick.

Now that you know that birthstones can bring in luck and beauty into your lives, visit the nearest Studex outlet, choose a birthstone and experience a painless piercing procedure!

Studs and attire need to match, Studex and Sia Show you how

Fashion is something that changes with the blink of an eye. Each day you would see new trends topping the charts and becoming favourites. It‘s hard to follow a particular trend and can sometimes be very confusing. But the basic rule that you need to know is that what you wear must match your accessories. Studex has the widest range of studs you can choose form. Our panel of designers keeps researching about the latest trends around the world and each collection of ours is designed keeping this in mind. From tiny simple studs to classy sparkling ones, we have something for every occasion.

Studs for every occasion

When you are at a grand event, it’s always advised to keep it classic and minimal. Go for soothing colours with pastel tones is you are not really sure what to wear. Try sporting funky coloured studs when you are clubbing, you are bound to grab all that attention.

Range of colours

For a safe bet, match the colour of your studs with that of your attire. You can never go wrong this way. But make sure you don’t overdo it, it can be a shade lighter or darker, no need to match colours exactly otherwise you would end up looking as if you’ve worn a school uniform.

Jewellery for your mood  

Sometimes you just want to pamper yourself. Don’t wait for an occasion to do that. Open your wardrobe and look for something that you’ve never worn for a long long time. Try them and look at yourself in the mirror. We bet you’ll smile.

Today we have also tied-up with Sia Jewellery one of the leading designer jewellery brand. Our safe ear-piercing products are known all over the world for offering absolutely painless piercings. We make sure that your sensitive skin is always safe from any kind of allergies or infections. That’s the reason why our clients trust us and come back again.

Come, make the most of this association and look your sparking best.

7 must haves for every girl’s wardrobe

There are certain things that every girl must have in her wardrobe to avoid having days when you pull your hair wondering what to wear, staring at the mirror.  
A formal Jacket
Looking smart when you are at work will help you make the right impression at the right time. The best way to do that is by sporting a smart formal jacket or suit. You can team it up with formal skirts or trousers; it’s your wish.
A sexy evening dress
Red or black works like magic almost every time. Your wardrobe is literally incomplete if it doesn’t have one of those sexy black dresses that you can flaunt at a party. Don’t have one? Head out to shop now.
Good pair of shades
You never know when the sun is going to come all blazing at you. Protect your eyes and also look stylish at the same time by wearing one of those stunning pair of shades. We bet you will win some glares for sure.
High heels
We know it’s sometimes uncomfortable to wear high heels, but we are not asking to wear them always. Sport them only on special occasions to not lose its charm.
The right accessory like necklaces, bangles, nose rings, or earrings can add a whole new dimension to your look for the day. Do remember to have some that match the colours of your clothes.
A cute handbag or sling bag
They don’t just help you carry your essentials, but also make you look stylish. These days, there are zoli bags, sling bags with funky prints and shapes that you might want to try carrying along.
Comfy Pyjamas
And when it’s time to sit back and relax, you need to be in your most comfortable attire. Wear those cotton pyjamas you have always loved and watch your favourite movies all night or read your next-on-the-list novel.
So now that you know everything, all you have to do is go on a crazy shopping spree.

Studex for men who care about that sparkling style.

When it comes to studs, the word ‘minimal’ is always the best way to express a sparkling style. Studs on both ears are gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years. There were times when we saw George Michael making his style statement that often was backed with a lot of unwanted critics but to see it in the positive and the right way he was the one to actually bring about this trend. Today we can see men sporting all kinds of studs in all kinds of occasions. Celebrities or not, studs in the world of men has so definitely made a sparkling appearance.
Studs for men also have a different ways of acknowledgement in different parts of the world. In some culture it’s a tradition to have both ears pierced while in some it’s a sign of rebellion but in the modern world studs is all about a sparkling attitude and a persona that keeps up the confidence and a striking persona of a manly individual.
Studs don’t come with a brand that states, this one goes with formal and that one doesn’t but for men it’s mostly about the acceptance of the stud that would relate to the wear. Keeping it simple like keeping it minimalist is rather important, that getting the right outfit for the type of studs you wear, it’s not THAT important but make a note that it’s rare that studs would fit a formal occasion, especially business typical ones.
Wherever, whichever and whenever you’d want to sport your favorite stud think of us because we’re the world class providers of the sparkling style you seem to be in absolute look out for. Studex keeping it sparkling and real for men of style.

6 tips you should know before you get your ears pierced


Studs and piercings have always been in the fashion since several years. The idea has evolved to such an extent that today it’s more like a form of expression than just a style statement. But many of us in the excitement of getting a new piercing done, tend to not take into account the safety factors that need to be considered before getting pierced. The risks involved in doing this is too high and can be avoided to ensure that you don’t run into the danger of getting infected by skin allergies or other such health complications. Studex has been the most trusted brand to ensure that every piercing procedure follows international safety norms and hence has managed to earn its trust all over the world.

Studex being a responsible brand, here are a few tips and pointers you should think about before going ahead and making a decision to get pierced.  

1.     Don’t do it if you already have an open wound or an infection

It is always advised to avoid getting pierced if you already have an open wound or an infection in  the are where you are planning to get pierced. The risks of getting infected by allergies are higher if a poorly trained professional is conducting the procedure using unclean equipment.

2.     Avoid getting one, if your blood sugar level is higher than usual

If you are diabetic, then it’s important to check your sugar levels before getting pierced. If it’s more than normal then you have a greater risk of skin allergies as diabetes might make the healing process of your skin slower after getting pierced.  

3.     Consider lifestyle factors

If you work at a place where piercings are not accepted and are planning to remove them frequently, then it might increase chances of infection. Also, ensure that you don’t wear piercings when you are playing contact sports to avoid injuring your skin   

4.     Find a trained professional

It’s very important that you get your piercing done by a well-trained and qualified professional since they have a better understanding of the of the physiology and anatomy of the body part to be pierced. Studex manufactures safe piercing systems like System75 and Universal which are used by piercing professionals all over the world.

5.     The make of your piercing equipment and studs matters

Nickel-free rings, pins, and studs should be inserted to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and infections. Avoid wearing jewelry that’s too small, thin or of poor quality as could lead to skin allergies.

6.     Follow care instructions

Though it’s the last point we are mentioning here, it is one of the most important one. Care instructions are mentioned on products for you to read and understand the safety measures that need to be taken before using the same. Make sure you do that when you use a piercing system or wear a par of studs as well.

Now that you’ve read all the points, go ahead Studex your ears today!

We love their smiles and want to keep them smiling even after an ear piercing.


The moment you look at them, you’ll definitely wish that you were still a kid. Today as we lose ourselves in the boring, mundane routines of life, their refreshing smile can actually make your day! The innocence that reflects in their eyes when they smile is unmatchable. They are up to some or the other mischief and are always looking for answers. Though they may make you go crazy with their questions, you won’t be able to stop smiling at them. Ear piercings and Studs definitely look really cute on them, but the thought of making them go through a painful experience might make you take a step backwards. But Studex has a different story for you, 

something that will drive your worries away!

Studex is by far the number one brand that ensures that every piercing is absolutely safe and painless. We have known all over the world for manufacturing safe piercing systems namely System75 and Universal that are safe for your sensitive skin. We follow international standards while carrying out any of our ear-piercing processes. Studex has now introduced a special range of studs designed for sensitive skin of babies and kids, Tiny Tips! It has become popular in a fairly small period of time. You will be surprised to see how our piercing systems do not let your little ones go through any kind of pain. The safety precautions that we take will also assure that their skin is not infected in any way. This is how Studex has managed to earn its trust over the years!

So the next time you are in two minds about getting your lovely little ones ear-pierced, don’t worry, visit Studex and watch your kids smile.

Studex is all about safety, style and sparkle


For being in the fashion industry any brand needs to be sync with the changing fashion trends in the market. Studex is one brand that goes beyond just that. It is known all over the world to manufacture safe piercing systems to make sure that every ear-piercing is absolutely safe, quick and painless. System 75 and Universal are two such piercing systems that Studex manufactures which is trusted and accepted all over. We make it a point to follow international safety procedures before we go ahead with any kind of piercing. That’s the reason why most of our customers like coming back to us and get their friends along too. Out first time customers are sometimes anxious when they come to us but then, they go back with a smile on their faces. Everyone who comes to us finds it surprising when they realize that ear-piercings can be so painless. There is a general notion that piercings are painful which could also lead to skin allergies and infections. Studex is here to break that myth by using world-class technology for revolutionizing the concept of ear-piercings.

It’s not just technology that we are concerned about, we also offer scientifically formulated aftercare solutions that will keep your glowing skin and your smile intact even after you get your ears pierced. Apart from ear piercings, we also offer nose and belly piercings through Medisept, since people across the globe are going bold and started sporting these kinds of piercings. In fact, ear piercings are now becoming more popular in the men’s fashion circuit too. Studex also has a huge collection of stylish studs that you can choose from. Our panel of designers is constantly observing the style trends and coming up with interesting designs in every collection of ours. You won’t have to hop from one place to the next to find that perfect pair of studs that you’ve been looking for. We give you an assurance that you’ll definitely find something that suits your sense of style.

When technology, innovation and style go hand in hand, you know what to expect. Expect only the best at Studex… the best to bring out the best sparkling smile in you!

For men who are meant to sparkle

Stylish men of today are extremely careful about choosing thier styling ways. Hip and happening are not the only words meant for the men of style, to them its mostly about an elegant look that can deliver an affluent style   that would keep up with thier stylish attitude and a striking persona.
Men and women have always needed thier accessories to match  thier styling ways. Take studs for instance today men sport them on both the ears, style icons deliver this style statement with such finesse and stylish  confidence making it look preety obvious that men do look great sporting studs on both ears. Studex offers the widest range of studs for men along with world class piercing system that uses top notch precisioned piercing equipments, the best assurance for those muscle men that can pack a knockout punch but a simple thought of piercing can knock them out instead,  face your fear piercings @ Studex is all about smile and style, all you’ll feel is the sudden transition of a sparkling style all set to deliver awesomeness in the most striking ways, it,ll be done by the time you can say “momie“.
A man’s true signature is found in his styling ways, and when that signature finds a sparkle, the outlook of an affluent  understanding of a self stylestyle can be measured. Studs @ Studex is all.about procreating a style that likes a mirror, attentive eyes, a sparkling gesture that knows how to be liked and admired with a spectacular understanding of style and time. A detail that makes a man shine wih a sparkle that illustrates the display of an honestly and awesomely stylish man who knows the whereabouts of a striking charisma. Studex made for men meant to sparkle.

Safe and stylish piercing for all ages

Picture1When we think of piercings we think of a sparkling style, something to accentuate and deliver a choice of style that would in general make you look more than just nice but with piercings there is so much more than just style.  In many parts of India piercing is more like a tradition. A tradition that is said to have so many spiritual values and ideals, modern logistics may find it pretty obsolete but it does make sense if we figure out the practical essence of it.  It’s said in some tribal regions of north eastern India that when a child experiences a piercing a child learns to withstand pain and bear it and the very understanding of this pain helps the child fight with the evil spirits and with it withstand the suffereings that he/she is headed towards in the future but today we’re more realistic and we look for a rather rational or let us say a scientific explanation behind such doings and though right now we might not have any so called scientific explanation behind a child’s piercing but with coming days there could be some article posted, a documentary made or an experiment executed that would derive some psychological or some physiological explanation about how piercings can be helpful for children; Who Know? But if anyone considers his/her child to undergo a piercing the sense of security and protection takes the place and denial is a common scenario but when world class piercing enterprise like Studex tells you that if you want to get your child’s piercings done, you can get it done without so much as prick on the earlobe and that is it! In seconds the top notch piercing equipments from System 75, the ones only the world class piercing experts use, it will get it done with absolute, ease comfort and precision and rest is all about your choice. If you want to do it as a ritual, a spiritual or a style that you wish to see sparkling on your baby’s ears. You can just get it done with zero complications whatsoever and with hypoallergenic studs, there is no chance of allergies whatsoever, plus all the after care products are there to ensure absolute safety, post piercings too! Studex is where precision meets perfection and one maybe three or ninety three, the piercings will be always be safe because it’s at Studex we provide Safe and stylish piercing for all ages and skin types. Stud a sparkle to your charm and get what you want with a world class perfection.