Studex Offers Birthstones

What would be the first thought in your mind when you think of birthstones?

In general terms, a birthstone is just a kind of jewellery worn by people who believe in the power of these stones. Traditionally the birthstones are gemstones related with the qualities that a birth month symbolizes. Following is a peek-a-boo on the months and the birthstones associated with them:

Month                                  Birthstone                          Known for

January                –              Garnets                            Consistency, True Friendship, Fidelity

February              –              Amethyst            –              Sincerity, Peace of mind, Freedom

March                   –              Bloodstone         –              Be brave and Get Wiser!

April                       –              Diamonds            –              Innocence

May                       –              Emerald               –              Happiness and love

June                      –              Agate                    –              Health and Wealth

July                        –              Ruby                      –              Do away with anxiety

August                  –              Sardonyx             –              For love and companionship

September         –              Sapphire              –              Trouble free healthy mind

October               –              Opal                       –              Be free from troubles!

November          –              Topaz                    –              Be blessed with friends!

December           –              Turquoise            –              Success

 Adorn these jewels for the some additional luck! There is no harm in taking chances!



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