Sensitivity, a choice available with Studex


It’s such a common sight when you ask your not so daring friend to get a piercing done and the fear of them needles gets him/her; mostly him and if after god knows how many bets and dares once you get it done then there comes another problem that now he’s allergic to nickel or some sort of highly sensitive skin’s demand and now his apprehension’s got the better of him because right after a couple of days are passed after the piercing it seems he’s given up just because his ear looked bigger than his head. We’ll, as funny as it may sound but the relativity of the possibility of this happening is such reality based. It’s almost like a story that happened to one of the guy you knew who had a name that you didn’t know. In comparison to the boys and men who want to stud a charm to their being is not as widely seen as the gals, for whom the world of studs, earrings and piercings is all about the sparkling aspirations of their pretty being and for those gals who have sensitive skin it’s often seen that they are forced to go all bare, sparkle less just because god made their skin that way but if they knew that god made humans and humans made such innovative ideas in the field of piercings that now how much ever sensitive your skin maybe, you will never ever have to compromise for that sparkles ears; AT ALL!.

Hoops, a quality of style that always brightens your face

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Small things can make a big difference! Just like a little smile can do wonders to brighten up someone’s day, you are smiling at, stylish hoops can change the way you look almost instantly. Every face has an identity and speaks volumes about who you are. That’s the reason why you need to put in that extra effort to accessorise it with the right kind of studs or earrings. Studex has a wide range of trendy studs and hoops to choose from to perfectly compliment your sense of style! Hoops come in different shapes and sizes. They are crafted with intricate designs on sparkling gems to make you look like you are the next big star in town.

With so many options in front of you, you might have a hard time choosing one. All you have to remember before you put your finger on any one is that imagine yourself wearing it on that special occasion and ask your loved one how it looks on you. If he is speechless then you know that your choice is right!  Go ahead, hoops are in, close your eyes and play ‘eenie meenie miney moe’, cos Studex will surprise you every time you open your eyes to choose one!