Sync your looks to the latest trend


Time is all about it; amongst million examples if you would analyze this one, “it’s time that governs the world of fashion and it’s mode of exhibit”. The thought process does get a little exciting. For instance if we think about the journey from skin hides to satin, there has always been an evolution filled changes. The new becomes old and the old becomes new, some get extinct and some just born. It’s not the big bang theory but yet it’s all true atleast about the fashion world. The world of fashion trend is crazy; with time contemporary becomes classic which later becomes the retro and then vintage till it fades away and becomes a piece of art one day. So the era you are in; “the latest” has to be performed; to live a good looking today. Trend is the celebration of today’s world, a certain celebration, a certain craze that mobilizes all the good looking ones of this world to follow a state of style awareness. Keeping up with the beats of the latest trend of some of the finest sparkling studs of the style world is Studex; it keeps you in sync with your style that follows your trend. Studex standing tall and proud, delivering you your precious little sparkling studs; exhibiting it’s stance to the beats of the this “Change” with a glittering display, in the today’s world of ” the latest”.Studex is around.
What you can find today you will find it @ Studex; the widest variety of studs, the world class piercing equipments, yet another in-sync with the modern world. System 75 piercing equipments offers you a painlesss; tearless and TEAR-less piercings, with utmost hygiene and precision, this System 75 assures absolute perfection for your perfect piercing. 
To look good is not an option; it’s a statement that you present to the world of today and with your good looks you can wear your today with pride sync with the modern world. Studex is right here to make you sparkle the right way; the today’s way. So, sync your looks to the latest trend with Studex and keep up the change.  

We care about your after-piercing needs too!

Mothers are angels sent to earth by God! The moment their little ones are out of their sight, their heartbeats fasten for some odd reason. Each second they are concerned about what their kids must be doing. Nobody can even question their intentions, because it’s almost a feeling that comes subconsciously to them. That’s the reason why they will be respected wherever they are, whatever they do. We can actually compare and correlate this nature of mothers with the services offered by Studex.

Hmm sounds a bit distant and illogical at the moment, but if we try and analyse what we do, a beautiful mystery will slowly unfold and connect the dots. There is no doubt about the fact that Studex uses world class technology that offers safe and easy piercings. It’s the only brand which has spread its wings all across the globe and made its mark with its thirst for researching about how the old myths of piercings can be broken. There has been a misconception that piercings are very painful. But after the kind of brains and technology that goes behind making state of the art equipment, for offering extremely painless piercings, that myth is slowly getting buried six feet under.

Now let’s go back to the comparison that we were trying to make initially. Our services do not end after we pierce our customers. Like mothers are concerned about their little darlings, we are also always worried about our customers. That’s the reason why we have a sound after piercing solutions to take care of all kinds of skin. Sensitive skin is very easily prone to infections if proper care is not taken. We have effective after piercing solutions that make sure that your skin is not affected in any way. Besides that we follow international standards for conducting piercing procedures. We also have a check-list that needs to be taken care of with each customer that comes in.

Now you know, why Studex has been respected and why our clients have never complained about the services offered by us, It’s because our relationship with you never ends, we always care about you and your beautiful, sensitive skin and keep working and researching about after care solutions.

Piercings provided globally by Studex


Style always comes with a price; a statement true to all kinds of trend followers in the world; like high heels could be afforded while you shop for them but putting them on and walking the walk does come with a certain ”make up your mind, you are on high heels’ sort of mind set up, many other do’s of the trend comes with their own set of mind make ups, of all that you can think of, ears and nose piercings are the most commonly acknowledged “dare to style or how did you get yours or does it hurt?” queries found around style aspirant minds. Though once when it is done it’s all about what you want to put on but the time when it’s being done is where the whole concept of a right piercing boils down to. Especially when it comes to kids, to do it right is the most important consideration, their skin is fragile and the requirements of care and after care are gravely anticipated by every parent or guardian. The fear of something being pierced to an ear lobe or the nose is not just the basic apprehension but rather what is going to go through the skin that is going to give that prospect of a sparkling style, fulfilling the basic requirement of the “Piercing concept”; the one that’s meant for, is the right piercing analogy and this is the basic phrase where Studex puts all your worries to ease. With world class piercing systems like the System 75 and Studex universal Studex provides all the right do’s you want for your ears and nose. Studex is globally renowned for it’s precision equipment and the widest variety of stylish studs and ear rings; taking utmost pride in its providence in the world of studs; earrings with an absolutely transparent and effective methodology in regards to care and after care piercings products. Studex offers the best way there is to get your ear’s pierced the right way. 


Piercings could lead to skin problems if you have a certain allergic symptom, nickel allergies are the most common known allergies and especially kids with their fragile skin have a very special need for that perfect piercing procedure. Studex offers piercings for all ages and beyond that it also has a wide range of hypoallergenic studs that might be exactly what you’re skin type has been craving for, something you’ve compromised with your skin condition because of the non availability of this particular way to sparkle without rashes and other skin complications. Studex is globally recognized with its well defined attributes in the world of piercings; studs and earrings; it’s the one safest; stylish-est and trend relating passage meeting the sparkling demands of ears and noses around the globe. Piercings are provided globally by Studex; meaning piercings from Studex are globally received and acknowledged. Meeting the need of the stylish and trendy people around the globe; Studex is the way to the sparkling cool!   

Studs that can make you: the new you!


Happy Diwali to you; the festival of lights, the festival of a sparkling celebration is here. Everything you look around is ornamented to its best, every home exhibiting a happy moment, like even the home is all set for the celebrations. People living inside their homes busy doing their best to look their best and; with looking their best what comes to my mind is all the things that we do to look our best in the right occasions, let us take Diwali for instance. When everything around is sparkling it’s pretty obvious you should be wearing a sparkle yourself and with sparkle if you walk around with led lights you might be confusing yourself with Halloween but a pair of sparkling studs does make a bright sense. Studs are pretty stylish and does display that “I’m known to trend” kinda of persona however with studs there is this very important thing associated, piercings; it’s almost everything when it comes to studs and ear rings. Your piercings need to be done correctly and with correctly a piercing has a range of concerns. Safety and hygiene being the most important aspect of all, then it’s about the placement and precision of the piercing equipment, then the type of stud you want to choose concerning you skin type because nickel allergies and other sensitive skin types need to be considered as per their metal requirement, you want style and not complications; and finally there is the after care and then a whole lot of sparkling confidence and attention follows wherever you go. So in order to get all of that, the above mentioned concerns are quite important and needs the correct kinda attention and this is where Studex comes in, delivering all proper-ness to your style aspirant mind.

Studex stands tall and pride with customer satisfaction, with world class equipments with the System75 and all the apt information you require for the type of piercings, the right ear rings and studs that suits your skin, to the widest variety of studs and ear rings to choose from, Studex provides you with all the stud’s style statements being made around. Though still before all the sparkle that comes to your mind with studs proper piercings is the basic of all.

So this Diwali if you are looking for that stylish avatar in you and if studs are on your mind, choose them wisely because the new you needs the best of you. You’d experience a certain confidence that you like about yourself, the approach and the mode of your stylish being gets a newer perspective with the right kinda studs on your ears. So get em now and get em right, Get em from Studex and deliver that new kinda you. Acknowledge the being of that stylishness because it’s true that studs that can make you; the new you is just a little experience time away. Stay sparklingly stylish, this Diwali.