Piercing your New-born’s Ears

Should you get your new-born’s ears pierced when she still is a baby or should you wait till she is older to get it done? This is a decision that every parent has to make and is based on their cultural background and personal experiences.

In western countries it is not usual to pierce a new-born’s ears and parents usually wait till their daughter is older.  Whereas in Latino cultures, ear piercing is such a deep-rooted tradition and it’s very common to give a new mom gold ear studs for her new-born, and for the baby to leave the hospital wearing them. Even in India it is customary to pierce the baby’s ear when still an infant. Parents here believe that it is best to have the baby’s ears pierced when the skin is still soft and hence less painful for her.


A few things to ensure while getting your baby’s ears pierced are

  • Consult your doctor about topical anaesthesia for the earlobes to minimise the pain during piercing. He may also recommend an antibiotic cream or lotion as after piercing care.
  • Use jewellery and piercing instruments of a reputed brand made of hypoallergenic metal, to avoid any chance of rashes or any kind of allergic reaction to metals such as nickel.
  • Go to a reputed piercing studio or artist and make sure they use sterilized equipment to prevent infections. It should be hygienic and must follow the correct procedure of piercing.
  • Pierce your baby’s ear only when she is completely healthy. It is recommended to pierce her ears after rounds of DPT to provide protection against infections like tetanus.
  • Hold the baby firmly and gently to help her stay calm so that her head does not move while getting the piercing.
  • Try not to pierce her ears during hot and humid months as sweat and grime can cause infections. Keep earlobes clean and dry at all times.
  • Distract your child and try to keep her hand away from the piercing.  If she touches her ears constantly or tugs at it as it she may hurt herself in the process.
  • Clean the piercing twice a day and rotate the earring so that the skin stays free from it. Always wash your hands before touching her ears.
  • Dress your baby in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the piercing. Take special care while changing her clothes or while bathing her. Keep her bed linen and towels clean, and change them frequently.
  • Watch out for signs of infection and consult a doctor if you see any.
  • Choose simple earrings and do not change them till the piercing is completely healed. The healing process may take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

If the right precautions are taken, your baby’s ear piercing experience will be smooth and infection free.