Types of Nose Piercings

Nose piercing has been a part of Indian culture for many centuries now, and has slowly gained popularity over the last two decades in western countries too. It has now become a part of mainstream culture now and is now the second most popular piercing in the world after ear piercing especially among teens and young adults.

The nose is cartilage, so this tissue is tougher to pierce and can be more problematic to heal compared to ear lobes, which are soft tissue. Noses allow for a few different variations in piercing.

Nostril piercing


It is the most common form of nose piercing. The piercing is usually done near the rim of the nostril and could either be on the left side or the side of the nose. The side of the nose that is pierced depends on the cultural significance of the person getting the piercing or could also be just a preference based on which side looks better. A ring or stud is best for starting but make sure the jewelry is not too tight to the nose if it is a stud. That can lead to healing problems.

Septum piercing


This piercing is placed on the cartilage that separates the chambers of the nose also known as the septum. This piercing is also nicknamed the “bull ring” piercing as you sometimes see cattle with this style of nostril piercing. This piercing is more common in tribal peoples. Reasons for this piercing were to imitate totem animals, to bring luck and to keep evil spirits from entering the body by coming in through the nose. It can be a bit sensitive to pierce, or if the ring gets snagged. This is the only type of nose piercing that can be made completely and truly invisible.

Bridge piercing


It is a piercing placed horizontally through the fleshy part lining up between the eyes above or at nose level on the surface of the bridge of the nose,. The placement of this piercing is not always easy, because it should be such that it should not appear crooked or bent and must not restrict the field of vision of the wearer. It is also called an ‘Erl’ piercing named after the first man to get it done. This piercing can be very hard to heal and carries a high potential for rejection or healing out.

There are a few questions you can to ask the piercer before getting the piercing to ensure a safe experience. Check how the nose jewellery you have chosen works and how it goes n and out of your nose. This will be very helpful when you want to change it in the future. Ask about piercing aftercare products and procedure especially that which must be followed during rigorous activities and medical conditions like cold and allergies.