We love their smiles and want to keep them smiling even after an ear piercing.


The moment you look at them, you’ll definitely wish that you were still a kid. Today as we lose ourselves in the boring, mundane routines of life, their refreshing smile can actually make your day! The innocence that reflects in their eyes when they smile is unmatchable. They are up to some or the other mischief and are always looking for answers. Though they may make you go crazy with their questions, you won’t be able to stop smiling at them. Ear piercings and Studs definitely look really cute on them, but the thought of making them go through a painful experience might make you take a step backwards. But Studex has a different story for you, 

something that will drive your worries away!

Studex is by far the number one brand that ensures that every piercing is absolutely safe and painless. We have known all over the world for manufacturing safe piercing systems namely System75 and Universal that are safe for your sensitive skin. We follow international standards while carrying out any of our ear-piercing processes. Studex has now introduced a special range of studs designed for sensitive skin of babies and kids, Tiny Tips! It has become popular in a fairly small period of time. You will be surprised to see how our piercing systems do not let your little ones go through any kind of pain. The safety precautions that we take will also assure that their skin is not infected in any way. This is how Studex has managed to earn its trust over the years!

So the next time you are in two minds about getting your lovely little ones ear-pierced, don’t worry, visit Studex and watch your kids smile.


Studex is all about safety, style and sparkle


For being in the fashion industry any brand needs to be sync with the changing fashion trends in the market. Studex is one brand that goes beyond just that. It is known all over the world to manufacture safe piercing systems to make sure that every ear-piercing is absolutely safe, quick and painless. System 75 and Universal are two such piercing systems that Studex manufactures which is trusted and accepted all over. We make it a point to follow international safety procedures before we go ahead with any kind of piercing. That’s the reason why most of our customers like coming back to us and get their friends along too. Out first time customers are sometimes anxious when they come to us but then, they go back with a smile on their faces. Everyone who comes to us finds it surprising when they realize that ear-piercings can be so painless. There is a general notion that piercings are painful which could also lead to skin allergies and infections. Studex is here to break that myth by using world-class technology for revolutionizing the concept of ear-piercings.

It’s not just technology that we are concerned about, we also offer scientifically formulated aftercare solutions that will keep your glowing skin and your smile intact even after you get your ears pierced. Apart from ear piercings, we also offer nose and belly piercings through Medisept, since people across the globe are going bold and started sporting these kinds of piercings. In fact, ear piercings are now becoming more popular in the men’s fashion circuit too. Studex also has a huge collection of stylish studs that you can choose from. Our panel of designers is constantly observing the style trends and coming up with interesting designs in every collection of ours. You won’t have to hop from one place to the next to find that perfect pair of studs that you’ve been looking for. We give you an assurance that you’ll definitely find something that suits your sense of style.

When technology, innovation and style go hand in hand, you know what to expect. Expect only the best at Studex… the best to bring out the best sparkling smile in you!

For men who are meant to sparkle

Stylish men of today are extremely careful about choosing thier styling ways. Hip and happening are not the only words meant for the men of style, to them its mostly about an elegant look that can deliver an affluent style   that would keep up with thier stylish attitude and a striking persona.
Men and women have always needed thier accessories to match  thier styling ways. Take studs for instance today men sport them on both the ears, style icons deliver this style statement with such finesse and stylish  confidence making it look preety obvious that men do look great sporting studs on both ears. Studex offers the widest range of studs for men along with world class piercing system that uses top notch precisioned piercing equipments, the best assurance for those muscle men that can pack a knockout punch but a simple thought of piercing can knock them out instead,  face your fear piercings @ Studex is all about smile and style, all you’ll feel is the sudden transition of a sparkling style all set to deliver awesomeness in the most striking ways, it,ll be done by the time you can say “momie“.
A man’s true signature is found in his styling ways, and when that signature finds a sparkle, the outlook of an affluent  understanding of a self stylestyle can be measured. Studs @ Studex is all.about procreating a style that likes a mirror, attentive eyes, a sparkling gesture that knows how to be liked and admired with a spectacular understanding of style and time. A detail that makes a man shine wih a sparkle that illustrates the display of an honestly and awesomely stylish man who knows the whereabouts of a striking charisma. Studex made for men meant to sparkle.

Safe and stylish piercing for all ages

Picture1When we think of piercings we think of a sparkling style, something to accentuate and deliver a choice of style that would in general make you look more than just nice but with piercings there is so much more than just style.  In many parts of India piercing is more like a tradition. A tradition that is said to have so many spiritual values and ideals, modern logistics may find it pretty obsolete but it does make sense if we figure out the practical essence of it.  It’s said in some tribal regions of north eastern India that when a child experiences a piercing a child learns to withstand pain and bear it and the very understanding of this pain helps the child fight with the evil spirits and with it withstand the suffereings that he/she is headed towards in the future but today we’re more realistic and we look for a rather rational or let us say a scientific explanation behind such doings and though right now we might not have any so called scientific explanation behind a child’s piercing but with coming days there could be some article posted, a documentary made or an experiment executed that would derive some psychological or some physiological explanation about how piercings can be helpful for children; Who Know? But if anyone considers his/her child to undergo a piercing the sense of security and protection takes the place and denial is a common scenario but when world class piercing enterprise like Studex tells you that if you want to get your child’s piercings done, you can get it done without so much as prick on the earlobe and that is it! In seconds the top notch piercing equipments from System 75, the ones only the world class piercing experts use, it will get it done with absolute, ease comfort and precision and rest is all about your choice. If you want to do it as a ritual, a spiritual or a style that you wish to see sparkling on your baby’s ears. You can just get it done with zero complications whatsoever and with hypoallergenic studs, there is no chance of allergies whatsoever, plus all the after care products are there to ensure absolute safety, post piercings too! Studex is where precision meets perfection and one maybe three or ninety three, the piercings will be always be safe because it’s at Studex we provide Safe and stylish piercing for all ages and skin types. Stud a sparkle to your charm and get what you want with a world class perfection.

Nose piercing, a trend that gets trendier by the day.

Change is what everyone anticipates in life. It’s applied to almost everything and anything. Consider you working day in and day out on something that’s mundane in nature, you would easily get bored of it, wont you?  You would definitely try to find an escape route to bring in some excitement. Fashion and style is something that can help you bring that change you are looking for. It’s amazing how a small change in your sense of fashion can brighten up your day and boost your confidence levels. Try going bold sometimes and sporting something that you’ve never sported. Nose piercing is one such option. Though nose piercings were worn by Indian woman centuries ago, it is soon becoming a worldwide trend. Though old fashioned, big sized nose piercings are a big no no, designs have now evolved to become smaller and classier to suit the modern day woman’s stylish desires.
Studex is associated with Medisept which offers absolutely safe and painless nose piercings for you! The choice is yours, why would you want to go somewhere else when we are known to be the best in the world to offer safe piercings for sensitive skin. We follow international standards in every piercing procedure of ours. Before you even realize, it’s already done! That’s the reason why our customers have always trusted our products and offerings. We would never want to break your trust and that’s the reason why our experts follow fashion and other trends in the world of studs and piercings to keep you happy always. We also offer aftercare solutions to make sure that your glowing skin is not affected by allergies or infections of any kind.
So now that you know, where to go, get going, find that change that you are dying for and flaunt that sparkle on your cute little nose!

Sensitivity, a choice available with Studex


It’s such a common sight when you ask your not so daring friend to get a piercing done and the fear of them needles gets him/her; mostly him and if after god knows how many bets and dares once you get it done then there comes another problem that now he’s allergic to nickel or some sort of highly sensitive skin’s demand and now his apprehension’s got the better of him because right after a couple of days are passed after the piercing it seems he’s given up just because his ear looked bigger than his head. We’ll, as funny as it may sound but the relativity of the possibility of this happening is such reality based. It’s almost like a story that happened to one of the guy you knew who had a name that you didn’t know. In comparison to the boys and men who want to stud a charm to their being is not as widely seen as the gals, for whom the world of studs, earrings and piercings is all about the sparkling aspirations of their pretty being and for those gals who have sensitive skin it’s often seen that they are forced to go all bare, sparkle less just because god made their skin that way but if they knew that god made humans and humans made such innovative ideas in the field of piercings that now how much ever sensitive your skin maybe, you will never ever have to compromise for that sparkles ears; AT ALL!.

Hoops, a quality of style that always brightens your face

10615536_754616287910416_6577892659053532153_n (1)

Small things can make a big difference! Just like a little smile can do wonders to brighten up someone’s day, you are smiling at, stylish hoops can change the way you look almost instantly. Every face has an identity and speaks volumes about who you are. That’s the reason why you need to put in that extra effort to accessorise it with the right kind of studs or earrings. Studex has a wide range of trendy studs and hoops to choose from to perfectly compliment your sense of style! Hoops come in different shapes and sizes. They are crafted with intricate designs on sparkling gems to make you look like you are the next big star in town.

With so many options in front of you, you might have a hard time choosing one. All you have to remember before you put your finger on any one is that imagine yourself wearing it on that special occasion and ask your loved one how it looks on you. If he is speechless then you know that your choice is right!  Go ahead, hoops are in, close your eyes and play ‘eenie meenie miney moe’, cos Studex will surprise you every time you open your eyes to choose one! 

Safe piercings to keep your glowing and sensitive skin intact!


Your glowing skin is like a precious gem. Unless you take sufficient care of it, it might lose its sheen. You wouldn’t want to start looking old when you are young enough to woo someone with your charms. We want you to look stunning like always and want your sensitive and glowing skin to be intact. Studex are by far the pioneers in manufacturing world-class ear-piercing systems that make sure that each piercing is absolutely safe and painless. We follow international norms when it comes to piercings and hence have managed to build our trust over the years. When you are at Studex you can be rest assured that the process is going to be so painless that you won’t even realise when it’s done.


It’s true that if you do not put in too much thought about safety while getting your ears pierced, you could run into a risk of being infected with skin allergies. The whole point of getting pierced for flaunting some stylish studs is lost somewhere when your skin is infected at the end. All our procedures are carried out by experts who are highly experienced, so you are always in safe hands. We also manufacture after-piercing solutions that keep you safe from any kind of infection after you get pierced.


So when your skin is glowing just like our studs, there’s a danger of blinding someone whose attention you’re going to grab invariably. But we think that’s a good problem to have, because after they are blinded they would blindly fall in love with your charms!

No tears or fears, only smiles and safe piercings at Studex!


There’s no point in wasting your tears in petty issues in life. It’s always better to save them for something better. Studex has always worked towards manufacturing world-class ear-piercing systems that will make sure that the process is absolutely painless and easy. It’s so simple that you wouldn’t even realise when it’s over! This is whey Studex is respected and trusted all over the world. Studex follows international standards for piercing procedure and has set the highest standards. There is a checklist that is followed before you go ahead and pierce your ears.

Safety has always been on top-priority at Studex. Also we have been trying to break the myth that piercings are always very painful. We have never had any complaints from our customers, in-fact they are amused when they realise that the process is so simple and painless. We also take precautions when it comes to aftercare and make sure that your sensitive skin is protected from any kind of allergies. You can trust us blindly if you want your little ones to get pierced. Not just that we have a huge collection of trendy and fashionable studs that you can choose from. Hit the nearest outlet and check out our latest collection of amazing studs.

So, throw away all those inhibitions that piercings are painful. Smile, cos its Studex and it’s Safe!