Studex for men who care about that sparkling style.

When it comes to studs, the word ‘minimal’ is always the best way to express a sparkling style. Studs on both ears are gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years. There were times when we saw George Michael making his style statement that often was backed with a lot of unwanted critics but to see it in the positive and the right way he was the one to actually bring about this trend. Today we can see men sporting all kinds of studs in all kinds of occasions. Celebrities or not, studs in the world of men has so definitely made a sparkling appearance.
Studs for men also have a different ways of acknowledgement in different parts of the world. In some culture it’s a tradition to have both ears pierced while in some it’s a sign of rebellion but in the modern world studs is all about a sparkling attitude and a persona that keeps up the confidence and a striking persona of a manly individual.
Studs don’t come with a brand that states, this one goes with formal and that one doesn’t but for men it’s mostly about the acceptance of the stud that would relate to the wear. Keeping it simple like keeping it minimalist is rather important, that getting the right outfit for the type of studs you wear, it’s not THAT important but make a note that it’s rare that studs would fit a formal occasion, especially business typical ones.
Wherever, whichever and whenever you’d want to sport your favorite stud think of us because we’re the world class providers of the sparkling style you seem to be in absolute look out for. Studex keeping it sparkling and real for men of style.

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