When safety is your concern its our first!

It’s often known that when it comes to piercings even the bravest hearts has a second opinion about something pointy going through their skin, something which can’t be forced upon but since with piercings comes great style, the sense of a sparkle that makes quite a striking impression, so to achieve that and also overcoming all those apprehensions and doubts, the very sense of perfect piercings could be illustrated in way that every mind would agree that piercings can be tear less, tears less, a one hundred percent safe, hypoallergenic, with absolute precision, after care products, studs that delivers awesomeness and with it everything else that spells world class, top notch, the best in the biz etc. Studex belongs to such instances and it delivers it with great perfection.
With piercing systems like System 75, Universal, Studex uses only those equipments that meets international standards. So it’s a given fact that piercings will always be a happy one with Studex. For all ages, for all skin types and for all those who have the slightest fear of piercings, Studex is so so meant for you.
Have a happy piercing and be rest assured about your perfect style and your perfect piercings because when safety and that sparkling style is your concern its our first!. Sparkle safe and keep with that sexy.

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