Safe piercings to keep your glowing and sensitive skin intact!


Your glowing skin is like a precious gem. Unless you take sufficient care of it, it might lose its sheen. You wouldn’t want to start looking old when you are young enough to woo someone with your charms. We want you to look stunning like always and want your sensitive and glowing skin to be intact. Studex are by far the pioneers in manufacturing world-class ear-piercing systems that make sure that each piercing is absolutely safe and painless. We follow international norms when it comes to piercings and hence have managed to build our trust over the years. When you are at Studex you can be rest assured that the process is going to be so painless that you won’t even realise when it’s done.


It’s true that if you do not put in too much thought about safety while getting your ears pierced, you could run into a risk of being infected with skin allergies. The whole point of getting pierced for flaunting some stylish studs is lost somewhere when your skin is infected at the end. All our procedures are carried out by experts who are highly experienced, so you are always in safe hands. We also manufacture after-piercing solutions that keep you safe from any kind of infection after you get pierced.


So when your skin is glowing just like our studs, there’s a danger of blinding someone whose attention you’re going to grab invariably. But we think that’s a good problem to have, because after they are blinded they would blindly fall in love with your charms!

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