Studs that spark your attitude!



Your attitude today is what defines your personality. Carrying a negative attitude along with you can easily give you more attention, but sadly for the wrong reason. Walk across the road with dropping heads and people will get a vibe that you are not confident or have hidden secrets within your hearts. On the other hand if you have a positive outlook, you will fetch you all the brownie points, no matter where you are! Studex has been the leaders in designing and manufacturing elegant studs and has brought a smile on faces of thousands of people across the globe. These studs can instantly add more glamour to your persona and attitude, and more importantly, the right way!


Choose form the widest range of sparkling studs for making your look even more gorgeous at Studex, which are artistically crafted keeping in mind the changing trends in fashion. The moment anyone looks at you, they will invariable go Whoa, who’s that hot girl? Who would not want to hear something like that! Simply hit the nearest outlet which offer our latest collection and dazzle up your attitude in a jiffy! Studs could be small, but they are the biggest factor to transform your look for the day! We have studs for all occasions and to suit every mood of yours! Choose the one which best suits your style and impress the one who matters to you the most! Studex are also the leaders in manufacturing world-class ear piercing systems for offering absolutely safe piercings for your sensitive skin! So the next time you are at Studex, you can be rest assured that you are away from any kind of skin allergies or infection.


Don’t wait, because your attitude is waiting to get transformed and Studex will show you the way!


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