Read why Studex is the most trusted brand when it comes to safe piercings!


Trust is something that is earned and not bought. Every brand earns its trust after delivering excellence consistently. Studex has been doing that over the years and has managed to gain that trust of its loyal customers. We have always believed that, following international standards is a must when it comes to piercings and we have maintained that by never compromising on the quality of our piercing systems. These world-class piercings guarantee to offer a completely safe and painless piercing for you. Studex has actually changed the entire outlook that people across the world have about piercings. The general notion about piercings is that they are always painful and could be harmful for your sensitive skin. Anyone who has got their ears pierced at Studex would come to know what we are talking about. The systems are designed in such a way that before you realise it, you are done with the entire process of getting pierced. Also, our systems are completely safe for little babies as-well!

It is the trust that we built among our customers that makes them refer us to their friends. We have never faced any kind of issues after our customers get pierced at Studex, since we follow a checklist that is required to be followed according to international norms when it comes to piercings. We also offer after piercing solutions that assure that your sensitive skin is safe from any kind of allergies even after you get pierced. So now that you know that our piercing systems are trusted all over the world, hit the nearest store and Studex your ears right away!


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