Studs make adorable gifts for your valentine!



Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Everyone is trying to make special plans to make this day special. That would happen when you try and surprise your loved one by gifting them some exciting gift. Choosing a gift can be a very tedious at times as you don’t really want to spoil the occasion, by making a bad choice. The moment they open it up, you want to ideally see a bright smile on their face. Studex is here to solve your worries! We have the largest collection of stylish studs to select form. Select the one that would go well with your loved one’s personality!


Fashion keeps changing and Studex keeps up with the changing trends in fashion to come up with fabulous designer studs with every collection of ours. We also have always stood by offering safe and painless piercings to take care of your sensitive skin. The after-care solutions available at Studex make sure that your skin does not get affected with any kind of infections whatsoever. So how about getting yourself pierced with a cool belly or a nose piercing to surprise your loved one? Seems like a good idea!


Change is something that can keep your relationship ticking. You can do just that by tweaking your sense of style with some really funky studs from Studex! Falling back in love on Valentine’s day is the basic idea and that would be possible if you manage to sweep your loved one off their feet. Studex is here to help you do just that. Another thing that you can do to show the world a mark of your love is to get yourself and your loved one pierced with similar studs and hit the roads. You will surely find a few eyebrows being raised.


Now that you have so make options to celebrate Valentine’s day and to make it special with Studex, don’t wait, hit the nearest Studex outlet and make it a day that you can remember for your lifetime!

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