Know all about the latest piercing technology used at Studex!


There is no doubting the fact that technology is going places! Even as we speak, somewhere is a corner of the world, some bright brains are working together to invent something magnificent what normal people like us might have never even imagined of. Centuries ago, who would have imagined of an object which can fly in the air and transport you from one part of the world to the other in a matter of few hours. But technology is like a small creeper which makes its way out of side pavements too! You can’t really stop it; it keeps growing in stature every moment. When technology is growing at such a fast rate, you would only be foolish if you were a brand which does not want to make use of it in the right way. Studex is one such brand which has always opted for producing world-class equipment for offering absolutely safe and painless piercings.


“System 75” and “Studex Universal” are the two ear-piercing systems at Studex that follow international standards and are known for their integrity of abiding by their idea of offering safe piercings. Studex takes care of your sensitive skin before going ahead with our treatment procedure. The kind of precision that goes into making these machines is unimaginable. None of our customers have ever complained and have always come back to us with their friends after having experienced something that they have never experienced in their lifetime. The range of studs that we have at Studex is so huge that you can find one for every occasion. That’s what makes Studex stand out from the rest is the ingenious mix of technology and style. You won’t come across brands like ours very often. Our ear piercing systems can be blindly trusted when it comes to piercings for babies. The skin of babies is even more sensitive and hence there is a need to take extra precaution. Studex knows best.


Now that you know that Studex is by far the best brand that top-class manufactures ear-piercings systems, you don’t have to think twice before heading out to the nearest Studex outlet to get your ears pierced with a stylish pair of studs. You would have to rub your eyes to believe how painless and safe a piercing procedure is.

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