Aftercare is of utmost importance when it comes to piercings!


Piercing is considered as a medical procedure since it involves a process of inserting a foreign material into the body. There are many countries around the world which have special norms and rules to be followed when it comes to any kind of piercing. Studex follows all these standards to ensure that you are always in safe hands and we see to it that we always provide safe piercings to take care of your beautiful skin. But another factor that comes into the picture is aftercare. Take the case of any successful brand and you will observe that aftercare or service is something that you can never compromise about if you want to be respected in the market.


Just as how important is safe piercing is for us, we believe that aftercare is equally important. That is the reason why we have the best in town aftercare solutions and gels which are internationally acclaimed. These gels prevent any chance of getting any kind of allergies after getting pierced. Babies have a very sensitive skin and have a greater risk of getting allergies. That is why even more important to use aftercare solutions to protect them from these complexities. The customers who come to us have always gone back with a smile on their face as they feel secure when they are at Studex. Also the systems that we use for piercings are of such high quality that you never even feel the pain while getting pierced. Studex has been breaking all the myths about piercings all over the world and has been pleasing our customers with our services.


Another important thing to remember is that hygiene should be followed not just to protect your skin but also your studs. It is always advisable to clean your jewellery once in a week with some soap water. After you have cleaned them you must take an extra effort to keep them absolutely dry by wiping the moisture off using a cloth. Moisture could lead to fungal growth on your studs which could damage your skin.   


So now that you have understood how important aftercare is, after getting pierced, make sure to use our solutions and gels to keep you away from any kind of allergies or complications. Also take some time off to clean your jewellery once in a while so that your beautiful skin remains the way it is forever!

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