We care about your after-piercing needs too!

Mothers are angels sent to earth by God! The moment their little ones are out of their sight, their heartbeats fasten for some odd reason. Each second they are concerned about what their kids must be doing. Nobody can even question their intentions, because it’s almost a feeling that comes subconsciously to them. That’s the reason why they will be respected wherever they are, whatever they do. We can actually compare and correlate this nature of mothers with the services offered by Studex.

Hmm sounds a bit distant and illogical at the moment, but if we try and analyse what we do, a beautiful mystery will slowly unfold and connect the dots. There is no doubt about the fact that Studex uses world class technology that offers safe and easy piercings. It’s the only brand which has spread its wings all across the globe and made its mark with its thirst for researching about how the old myths of piercings can be broken. There has been a misconception that piercings are very painful. But after the kind of brains and technology that goes behind making state of the art equipment, for offering extremely painless piercings, that myth is slowly getting buried six feet under.

Now let’s go back to the comparison that we were trying to make initially. Our services do not end after we pierce our customers. Like mothers are concerned about their little darlings, we are also always worried about our customers. That’s the reason why we have a sound after piercing solutions to take care of all kinds of skin. Sensitive skin is very easily prone to infections if proper care is not taken. We have effective after piercing solutions that make sure that your skin is not affected in any way. Besides that we follow international standards for conducting piercing procedures. We also have a check-list that needs to be taken care of with each customer that comes in.

Now you know, why Studex has been respected and why our clients have never complained about the services offered by us, It’s because our relationship with you never ends, we always care about you and your beautiful, sensitive skin and keep working and researching about after care solutions.

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