Studex collaborates with BG’s to offer safe and easy piercings

When we hear the word piercing, we generally sense a surge of fear gushing through our body thinking that the procedure is going to be a painful one. Studex has been successfully trying to change the entire notion that we have about piercings by offering easy and safe piercings with the help of world-class ear piercing systems. All the customers coming in to us are almost amazed at the ease with which they are performed. Also it is so painless that before you know it’s already done. To top it when two major fashion brands collaborate together, it results in nothing less than magic! The same is the case when Studex is offering safe and easy piercings at bg’s now.

So if you have not yet got yourself pierced yet, then this is your chance to do it at bg’s. Bg’s has always been one of the leading brands like Studex which has a wide range of jewellery for you. They have been selling their products like hot cakes online. So it definitely makes sense to have an association like this one. The activity at bg’s has certainly gained some popularity. As and when customers some in they are literally spellbound by the technology used by Studex. You can now browse through the cool and trendy collection of jewellery at bg’s and once you have fixed your eye on one of them, simply go ahead and get yourself pierced.

All the customers for sure are having a great time at the store. The good word has spread around and more people are coming in with their friends to get pierced at bg’s. Studex also provides after piercing solutions to take care of your skin after getting pierced. The scene is changing slowly and people are getting aware about the new age technology used by Studex to offer extremely safe and easy piercings. We are seeing a lot more men who want to add a touch of glamour to their personality by getting their ears pierced. Some are going one step further by getting belly and nose piercings. Like bg’s Studex also is known to keep up with the changing trends in the world of studs by reinventing their designs with every collection of theirs.  

Then what are you waiting for? Get to the nearest bg’s store choose your favourite pairs of studs and get easy and safe piercings with Studex.


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