Say sorry and gift Studex studs on World Apology Day

The words sorry and thank you can melt mountains just like that. They say you don’t become inferior in any way when you utter the word sorry; on the other hand it makes you a wiser person who has gone ahead and accepted your mistakes. You earn more respect that way. Studex celebrates this spirit and power of saying sorry on World Apology Day. Different people have different ways of saying sorry. Also some people make up instantly and others take time. So this World Apology Day make up your mind, find courage to go to the one you had a bad fight with and say sorry, you bet things will be far better after that.

The best option to bring a smile back on a friend’s face you had a tiff with would be by gifting them something special. Studex has a huge collection of sparkling studs to choose from. We always like to keep up with the changing trends in the world of studs and keep reinventing with every collection that we come up with. With so many options in front of you, you could actually have a hard time deciding on which one to choose. This is where the tricky part is. You need to know everything about the one you want to gift something. You would not want to disappoint them by gifting something which they don’t like. That’s when you really understand how deep your bond is with that person. Finding the right gift is quite a task sometimes because you always want to give them a pleasant surprise. Nevertheless is a fun process too when you think of all the moments you have spent together to decide on what to buy finally. After you have purchased the perfect stud from Studex, you have to live a few moments with a funny feeling in your tummy like the one that happens just before entering your exam halls. This is because you are anticipating something beautiful to happen. You are anxious to know how they would react after looking at the gift. In most cases it always turns out to be a win-win situation because gifts are not just about what you are gifting but about the emotion with which you are gifting it.

 So make the most of these precious moments and make sure to bridge gaps between a friend with whom you have a bad equation now just because of a stupid misunderstanding. Simply wear your heart on your sleeve, gift them something and they would always remember and treasure for the rest of their lives and we bet that they will gift you their smiles in return!


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