Find out what’s hot in the world of Studs

Imagine a newspaper which prints news which is two days old? Funny right? In today’s day and age, you need to be completely updated with the latest happenings around the world else you would be lost. Same is the case when it comes to fashion. Bell bottoms were really famous in the 80’s, but you would be the odd man out if you were to wear it now! Every fashion brand today needs to realise this and needs to change with the changing tides of fashion toe be competent in this fast growing market. Studex is renowned all over the world to produce stunning studs in tune with the trends across the globe. We are also the pioneers when it comes to ear-piercing systems. These systems offer extremely easy and safe piercings and follows guidelines which no other brand does.

Men are being more and more outrageous today and they don’t really mind sporting studs on both their ears. Gone are the days when men found it fancy to wear a stud on one ear. Besides that more and more people are ready to go with multiple piercings on the same ear lobe. Nose piercings was an Indian tradition that has gone global now and even foreigners want to get one now. Also Studex has a range of funky studs which is growing popular among the youth who are bored of the same old fashioned studs made of stones. But the classy stores are preferable anytime when it comes to grand parties of-course. There is a group of people who want to get their belly pierced because it looks amazingly beautiful. It has almost become a cult now to have one. In-fact people try to get their tummies in shape to get a belly piercing done. There is a colour of every mood, for every occasion all you need to do is understand it completely and go with the flow. Studex has a huge collection of colourful studs to choose from for every occasion that you can think of!

So all you need to do is keep an eye on the latest collection of designs that we come up every season and be rest assured that you are looking at something that is a worldwide fashion trend. Studex has never disappointed its customers on that front and we promise to continue the same in the future!


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