Where you are is where the trend takes you.

Living a life king size is just a realization of the things one needs to perform in ones true time, doing what is to be done at the time when it has to be; it’s the only road we all walk on; because sadly of all the things that can wait for us, time; it has always been the arrogant one; never understood the importance of tardy kinda situations. But then it’s this thing about time that makes one’s life such a fascinating occasion. It is time that brings such a wonderful aspect of “living today” a special proposition and those who save for tomorrow also make sure their today is filled with colors too.

They say tomorrow never dies hence we will always live today, everyday different from yesterday but though around the same old things that once made us happy and content. We were really happy then when we used pigeons to send a message, we were happy now when we type the letters and press send on a Cell Phone. Tomorrow we’ll be happy when we have something new but the question here is when we are doing what we do why not do it in the best of the ways? Evolution is unstoppable, so why don’t we evolve in style? Is a valid prospect. Right?  Hypothetically speaking; why not have pigeons with a colored tail or a beak, or legs covered in a special pigeon socks of some kind, color coded pigeons or something; creating a trend that exclusively defines a necessity in a stylish accent and people from different areas and regions who’d follow this practice would make messages an exciting and aspiring and even a better informative one; completely in sync with the “message” evolution too.

Though it’s like a blind folded swing talk and also we could be too late to do so but then this theory does propose the attribute which makes style a popularly accepted practice, a practice that can be summarized with this term called “THE TREND”. No matter where, what and how you will be following some kind of trend, even if you are sitting watching the most boring show on the face of earth on your T.V; with the minimum of two other families watching the same on different locations, still you are following a trend that T.V show intends to offer. Thus deciphering the fact that no social human being can live without following a trend and the acceptance of this trend is what makes your kinda stylish, your way of the cool and wow factor.


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