Two ear piercings the new do of the trendy

Studs and earrings on men have contemporized the fashion world since the 80’s. We’ve seen George Michael making the style statement and doing his do’s of the cool then. The world of 80’s saw a lot of fashion perspectives and the world since then has never been the same. Fashion upgrades and trend setting modes has seen changes and will; however for everyone that has one lifetime, fashion is something that credits the happy way of living this one life, the most good looking way. A sparkling stud on men has never failed an eye that would go without noticing it, it’s like the signature of a man portraying an attitude that displays a modish behavior, the cool kinda man with a sparkling persona and everything else that carries around that glittering style. Studs are certainly the most popular earrings for everyday wear. At school, in college, in the office, on the go, and even at the gym, they are not only practical, but also cool and sexy . For instance, the studs worn by reality TV star Kim Kardashian in April 2012 were probably the earrings which received the most attention last year. The new day man with studs on both ears gives a symbol of an extinguished and yet a well projected sexual orientation. The trend of men wearing earrings is nothing like it was in the past, today celebs and stars give an approach where they set an era for men who have that extra to carry around. When there was a time bad boys where the ones who wore earrings to flash around that macho look, the world today doesn’t seem so. It’s a style thing and not just a show of one’s attributes, cool is the consideration and studs are the do’s. Some say that men with just one earrings are going to get extinct one day and the much talked about two earrings are going to revolutionize the styling procedures and acknowledgments.

Studex comes with a wide range of studs for all; Silver, stainless steel, titanium and now hypoallergenic studs for all ages; name it Studex has it. To catch the latest sparkle get your studs from Studex, safety and hygiene at its best with the world class equipment and a name that goes all the way around the globe. Be informed about the latest do’s and do it at its best. Sport them studs from Studex on both your ears and claim the latest fashion statement and do yourself a stylish favor your ears will forever be thankful for. Two ear piercings the new do of the trendy, all yours to claim at the Studex.

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