The sparkling studs from Studex for that sparkling attitude

Fashion is something that is like a tide of wave. It keeps changing with time. The one who flows with this tide of fashion is the one who can conquer it. Studex has been a brand that has been a pioneer in doing this and the way we are cruising along there is no looking back. We have always researched about the latest trends that are being followed all across the globe to keep ourselves updated. Based on these studies and observations we keep designing new collections with a wide range of colours and styles.

We have studs that can complete your look for every occasion. Hoops are generally worn with elegant clothing for your night parties.  Multiple piercing on the same ears is also trending and many celebrities have been flaunting this new look. Men are now open to wearing studs on both their ears. We also have a wide variety on the colour front so that you can pair it up with any of your apparels. It’s amazing how the smallest pair of studs can help you make the perfect style statement. Studex not only has ear piercings we also have nose and belly piercings. Nose piercings is an Indian trend that has gone global now. If you have really flat abs and want to raise the oomph factor then be bold and go for a belly piercing.

It’s not just about the designs and colours, Studex is also backed up with world-class technology! Our ear piercing systems are used all over the world and are known for offering easy and safe piercings. Safety always comes first, and we follow those standards all the time. We also have very good after piercing solutions to take care of your sensitive skin. Our services have received many accolades from our customers and they love each and every collection that we come up with!

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