Studex manufactures world-class ear piercing systems!

Style has always demanded some sort of pain in retribution, many examples of which waxing, intense workouts, high heel shoes, super tight leather pants, facial and other surgeries and many other ancient rituals that shivers the spine when we learn about the heights in which some style fanatics in early ages did to look that stylish, as per their quondam trend. Piercings in that regard, has been in our world of ear lobes since a very long time too and we’ve evolved quite a bit in our styles of ornaments and jewelries however piercings have always been considered like a painful experience and the after math of those have also caused a lot of safety concerns too and with many considerations in this regard science and technology has been able to reach to this point where your piercings can be painless, allergy less and overall, entirely safe. The concern towards skin’s of all ages who want them piercings done along with those allergy prone ones have been attended with a lot of seriousness; Studex offers 100% Hypoallergenic studs for sensitive ears, making safety the most carefree aspect that would not come in between you and your glittering ears. Ever!

Studex is the largest Ear Piercing Manufacturer in the world. Widely trusted and acknowledged by retailers, jewelers and physicians around the globe. The world of piercings in Studex offers you with world class ear piercing systems like the System 75 Ear piercing, universal system ear piercing & Flatpacks and not just that, with all the minimal care you need to take for your ears after piercing, Studex also offers after piercing care products too! Like ear care solution & gel, non toxic marking pen, sterile pad & more.

With the widest range of sensitive fashion piercings to elegantly sparkling selections of carded ear piercing rings and studs, that would just make you wear one, two or more and flaunt. Your piercing demands will be met by professional ear piercing technicians; gentle with your ears your piercings will be safer and stylish-er. So why wait? Sport your new look now! Studex in sync with the latest designs and styles that’s a BIG ON! In the world of trend is available to you. Update your style with Studex and keep up that good work of sparkling beautifully. 

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