Wear a stud and show your attitude!

The world as we know belongs to a society of people where to be recognized is almost about everything, from the home where you belong to your urban ways of survival it’s all about recognition and the modes that you acknowledge to prepare yourself for this recognition makes you the very person you are today. A home that recognizes you as the homemaker, an office that recognizes you as the moneymaker, your neighborhood that recognizes you as the community maker and a crowd that recognizes you to be a part of that encore maker. It’s recognition all the way; but in this race of recognition there always is this ME aspect that wants to do nothing else but do what that ME wants, it’s not a self centered approach but it’s a feeling where ME doesn’t really care about any kind of judgment, any sort of recognition and anything but just ME! and the irony of this recognition and everything else left to be acknowledged in this word is actually constructed at its best from this ME aspect. Pretty ordained if you’d care to advocate the theory that when you’re good to yourself that is when everything you want in life accords to. If your time is bad, be good to yourself, if you are being yelled at, calm yourself, if you are broke, teach yourself to earn etc etc..simply be good to yourself but don’t spoil yourself though. This is not the typical philosophy but its…just…being good to yourself..that’s all.

So now this ME aspect that perfumes everything you do in life brings about that positive attitude towards life. Living it large has always been the motto of a social human being, One life and make the most out of it. Amongst many ways available out there, one such proactive way of successfully complying to this ME theory is Studs!! Studs can surprisingly give you that “that looks cool on me” point of view. For all that matters is that it gives you an absolute perspective of complimenting yourself in a very creative and trendy way, looking at the mirror and going like “sure!”, and once when you walk out on the street and meet people you know, you’ll realize that you’re still portraying that confident charismatic attitude your mirror was reflecting, that which you had noticed and confirmed before leaving the house, evident from all the eyes you meet and greet, wherever you are or wherever you go, listen to the ME, for every step you take towards it will beautify you and will make everyone else happy. Wear a stud and show your attitude! After all, the world is about ME, if ME is not there, nothing else there can’t be. 

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