Innovate your look; hook up a dazzling diamond stud!

To look good is all in the perception of the eye but what a good eye looks forward to is, what more can it see than the regular stuff? Let us take your body for instance, nomatter how beautiful, well toned, athletic, muscular, tall, thin, strong your body is but this eye has seen it all. All types of bodies in the world but now the projection or say the display of this body is the eye candy objective that a social human procreates inorder to get appreciated to its correct value. You would go wow! If you see a six packed box on a tall man’s belly if you are at the beach, a swimming pool or out somewhere where people wear less clothing; but then if you happen to see the same body at your dinner table then you’d know what all sorts of uncomfortable queries would rise looking at a half naked man wearing a muscular dinner jacket holding a knife and a spoon. So the direction here is that your X factor needs to have a proper occasion for its proper display. This is one in many of the theories of nudeness over clothing however there are many other such instances that accounts for an occasional display and is considered per say the super judgment typical aspect called jewelry. If it’s an Indian marriage, conventionally speaking the more the yellow bling bling the more prestigious you are; has been the lingo for a long time and if the same is for the contemporary west the more exotic and rare the more people care hence once again it’s about the display and the areas where the displaying is going around. How about a way where there is no much pressure in the world of display where judgments are not cared about but still the objective of good looks is fairly displayed and genuinely acknowledged. Studs! Its hip, creatively small and attractive, gives a perception that’s not loud or unattended at the same time. It’s not permanent like a tattoo but resembles your sparkling attitude, be it a wedding, a funeral, a meeting or maybe the end of the world congregation you can  still wear it; look appropriate and yet distinguished. Style is how you define how you respect you ways of your body’s gesture and honestly! studs help you sparkle the tone of your stylish attitude and also the objective of your trendiness. Therefore innovate your look; hook up a dazzling diamond stud! sparkle the right way and get noticed and not judged. It’s not just because everyone’s doing it, most importantly it’s because you know you doing it for your style.


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