Reinvent fashion with Studex!

Only one thing remains constant in life and that is change. Be it fashion or technology this statement cuts across different verticals in life. Fashion trends keep changing from time to time and the epicenter of this change could be someone who goes out of his way and experiments to try something unique. If this experiment clicks, people all around the world appreciate it and slowly becomes a worldwide trend. Likewise there has been a remarkable change in fashion trends for studs. The size of the studs could be really small, but it could make a real good style statement if you wear the right kind of studs; team it up with the right kind of clothes and wear it for the right occasion.

Hoops are the most classic style of studs that women still like sporting in today’s day and age. Also people like experimenting with studs made from different kinds of materials. No points for guessing the most popular stone in the world. Of course! You have guessed it right; woman’s best friend: Diamonds. But since they are costly, studs made of other materials and stones are also gaining popularity. Another trend that is catching up quickly is multiple piercings on the same ear. Women sport different colored studs and the size of the studs generally keeps decreasing as they are set higher up on the ear lobes. Many celebs across the world have been trying this out so why are you holding back. The most elegant designs of studs would be chandeliers which are more popularly known as drop-shaped earrings. They go well with classy gowns and evening wear.

Giving away all this information is like you have heard it from the horse’s mouth. Studex has the wide range of all kinds of studs that you can choose from. We follow trends in Studs like no one else. Studex is also the pioneer brand for producing world-class ear piercing systems. So this monsoon, flaunt your favorite studs from Studex and go ahead reinventing your own style.



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