Just one stud to complete your attire

It’s amazing how even small simple things in life can do wonders sometimes. There is beauty in simplicity and minimalism. Just like a simple smile on your face can brighten the spirits of people around you. A stud could be really small in size but it can do wonders to your style statement. Studex has the widest range of Studs to suit your style.

You can choose from a wide range of designs and colours from Studex to team it up with your favourite dress. Just like every dish requires some garnishing to give the final touch, studs can add the final touch to your style statement to complete the look. You could opt for a simple design with light colors or some jazzy designs depending upon your mood or the occasion. Studex also has world class ear piercing technology which makes the ear piercing procedure extremely easy and comfortable. Belly piercings and ethnic nose piercings are also trends that are going global. So get that stunning stud on from Studex now to keep up with the changing trends.  

So hit the nearest Studex outlet, buy a Stud that suits your style and completes your attire! 

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