Feel like a StudMuff. Jazz it up

Felt like a studmuff lately? Sure, the summer sun must have beaten the funk out of you, but the boys sure know how to have their share of sizzle and fun. The Monsoon is fast approaching and we wonder what’s your trend for the season! None yet, or just too busy to break out of that shell and stand out from the crowd? Any which way we are here to tell you about the new cool. Studs. For men. 
Ladies find men wearing studs the most attractive from the lot around. That’s particularly why much more men are opting for it than before. It’s caught up as a fashion trend to enhance their features and kick up some of that mojo. Many Celebrities wear these studs and the fan following soon catches up too. Tyson Beckford who bought expensive diamond studs for his girlfriend wore it himself instead of returning to the jeweler when he found that she had been unfaithful. 

Some popular types of studs and hoops that men wear are made from materials like gold, copper, silver and steel. This is that one accessory that men can pull off with class. With many Indians though, they wear it as a custom or tradition followed in their religion. It’s the most contagious of all fashion statements and who better than worlds number one manufacturer Studex to bank on. We have the best varieties in every shape, colour and cut to complement your personality. 
What are you waiting for? Innovate, jazz it up this season. Wear that funk on your ear and turn some heads around. Feel like a complete StudMuff. 

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