Mothers : Our living God

What comes to you mind when one asks you about your mother? Maybe your world. Our world does revolve around everything our mom teaches us, inspires in us, willingly compromisingly does for us while at the same time silently being there through thick and thin wading with us through troubled waters. She’s your confider, your best friend, your care taker, your security blanket, your sympathetic ear, your motivator and your best judge so far.

 Who we are today and who we’ll be tomorrow would be formed by your upbringing and principles your mother ingrains in you. She’s a personal miracle, a supermom who would hug you in your high’s and low’s , calm you down when you hyperventilate, find out every lost thing in the proper place where it belongs, listen to your constant trivia of chatter and guide you through with that wise veil of experience, put up with your mood swings and still multi task and manage to run the household beautifully. Taking on so many roles right from the day we were placed in that cradle, she seems like a bright sunshine in those days of dark, like your shadow, never leaving your sight. Take this moment to thank her for all that she’s made you become, who you are today. Hug her, speak words of warmth and gratitude, let her know she’ s your living God, because all she’d ever want is your love, and she’d ask for nothing more.


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