Safe and easy piercing for little angels

People always have their questions and myths about piercing their infants. This is because this procedure does not come without risk. Not all ear piercing operations have staff or proper equipment  trained to work specifically with young children. The possibility of contracting hepatitis or some other infection from ear piercing guns exists because they cannot be sterilized.

Studex answers all your questions and puts you at ease. Studex, world’s largest ear piercing manufacturer is also a global leader in the creation and designing of hypoallergenic earrings. Studex uses the System 75 designed as an easy to use disposable cartridge which offers the safest piercing today.

Every piercing stud, hoop and instrument meets or exceeds all US FDA and EC European standards and regulations. Valid with genuine Studex studs, we also provide Studex skin cleansing pads, After piercing lotions and Studex care gel with its own manual of instructions for sensitive ears.

After Piercing care videos have been put up on the website for any doubts about their usage. It’s the best place to be assured of guarded piercings for your tiny tots. We have 14k/18k Gold ear piercing earrings with tiffany, bezel and flower settings along with pearls, hoops and titanium in various bedazzling designs!

Come and get your angel’s ears pierced without any worries because rest assured, we make it worth it.


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