Studs for the summers

Gone are the days when men ornamented their ears with studs as a form of honor, slavery, tradition or therapeutic value. Fast forward to the 21st century and you’d find a much more fashion conscious audience to bedazzle. Trendy differentiated studs have become an easy to wear and affordable accessory. It’s a matter of who’s flaunting the best they got. They’ve become an additional enhanced piece to beautify a look along with garments, bags and shoes.

Innovate. Jazz up your style statement. Illuminate that boring old appearance.
 Studex presents an array of dazzling jewels you’d find hard to look away from. It’s the season to beautify your garb and impress your beau. Summer’s here with pleasant holidays accompanying it. The experience becomes much more pleasant when you opt for that shop-till-you-drop affair. No more do you need to tie yourself up thinking how and what to get to make up for a wonderful gift, or what to spend those bucks on for that matter. We answer your queries at Studex providing you with alluring differentiated studs in a range of affordable prices. Calling out to all you men and Women, Hunks and Hotties and trendy teenagers, buckle up your wad of cash. Hallelujah ! It’s raining glamorous studs this Summer.
Going an extra mile, we also offer skin care lotions to look after those delicate skin types. With branches extending globally, you can be assured of our experience in providing world class quality.

So take a hike from all those nitty gritties, deck up in some embellishing studs and brighten your Summer!


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