Crystal – Birthstone for April

It’s her birthday. You are perplexed. You cannot possibly presume what she would be expecting. You consult Google search and irritate a dozen relatives with questions. It’s your anniversary. You’re confused again. She expects something unique synonymous to her undying love. You don’t wish to get into a fight on your special day so you simply take her shopping.

Diamonds. A girl’s best friend– Exquisite, Royal, Elegant, Safest best. Lay back. Do not give a second thought. Get it customized. Pursue love. Obtain it with pride.

All you ladies, Rejoice! Because Studex presents Diamond as its crystal for the month.

A trusted maker of allergy free fashion earrings since decades, Studex guarantees beautifully crafted studs appealing to every sense of a lady. With extensive care and thoughtfulness, Studex also caters to sensitive earrings with beautiful designs in every colour and shape.

Diamond is the traditional birthstone for those born in the month of April, bringing with it balance, clarity and abundance. For those having oncoming birthdays, you cannot possibly ask for a more polished crystal as a gift. Representing love and respect, these crystals can be the most precious gift to be treasured through the years to come, be it any occasion. Accessorising a diamond earring with anything and everything gives a lady the confidence to stand apart with poise. Symbolic of admiration and chivalry, these crystal studs could act as the perfect romantic gesture to your lady love this Summer on a romantic getaway maybe.

What more? With affordable ranges and outlets branched the world over, Studex promises you an unmatched variety when it comes to sparkling distinctive studs.

Timeless pieces of opulence, they never run out of style. They complement every garment, be it a casual or a formal wear. On a date, or a business meet, they make your lady stand class apart never seeming too dressy. What are you waiting for? Get a crystal stud earring from Studex today and make your woman feel special. Because she’s worth it.


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