Colorful studs at Studex

Holi is the season of colors! Also the new trend in this summer is bright colors. So go with the trend and try out some dazzling colorful studs from Studex! Colors will add a bit of glamour in and spice in your style!

Collection at Studex

We have a wide range of designs at Studex to choose from. Studs that are made of bright sparking gems that will make you look gorgeous! So buy your favourite pick from the nearest Studex outlet! We have studs for both men and women, so dazzle your mate by wearing that stunning Studex this summer! We have world class piercing machinery which provides safe and extremely easy piercings. There is a notion that piercings are very painful and could lead to allergies. But our customers have never complained. In-fact they are always pleasantly surprised to see how easy a piercing can be. We also have the best after piercing gels and solutions that will keep you away from any kind of skin infection or allergies!

The scorching sun can drain away all the energy inside you, but you can give a real boot to your energy levels if you wear a sparkling stud, because your state of mind is all about the attitude you carry! When you hit the roads confidently wearing your favourite studs, it is bound that some parks will fly in the air and you would get noticed because of your attitude. Once you know that everyone admires you, you automatically spring back in action! You can also try out some colorful studs for your belly piercing which will make you look hotter than the summers! Or if you are a bit conserved then try out an Indian nose piercing which is trending all over the world now!

So there is no need to get stressed about the approaching summer, because you can beat the heat by simply wearing your favourite studs from Studex!



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