Safe piercings for babies only at Studex

When you think of babies the first thing that strikes you is the innocence on their faces. The next thing that comes to your mind is their extremely sensitive and flawless skin. Their skin has a special kind of glow that you almost feel you might hurt them if you even touch them. Their skin is so tender that you would not even want to take them out in the sun. So the thought of getting an ear piercings might give you some cold tremors.

But according to traditions getting a piercing done for babies is considered as very auspicious. It brings good luck for them. Earlier many unhygienic techniques were used to pierce babies. This is very dangerous as it might cause different kinds of skin infections.

Safe piercings at Studex  

Studex has world class technology that assures extremely safe piercings even for people with sensitive skin. The procedure is also very easy and painless. We have had many customers who were initially very paranoid about getting piercings done on their little ones. It was a bit difficult to convince them but once we showed them how it is done and the sterilised equipment that we use they had a smile on their faces and trusted our assurance. When they saw how easily the piercings were done they even more pleasantly surprised.

The next time you want to get your sons or daughters pierced please come to Studex as we use top class equipment to provide extremely safe piercings. We never had any complaints whatsoever from our customers.  You can trust us on the fact that if you get piercings from us it will never lead to any kind of skin infections or allergies.  

No one wants to hurt innocent babies even unintentionally. There is a misconception that piercings are painful even for grown-ups like us. But it is a myth, piercings if done professionally and with international standards, is actually very easy and painless. Come to Studex and we assure that we won’t hurt your little ones a bit and that we love them as much as you do!

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