Rejoice! Don’t miss out the free piercing offer at Studex

Small things in life make a huge impact sometimes. Just like a small piercing on your body can add a bit of glamour to your style statement. A lovely piercing on your belly or your nose will make you stand out in the crowd and will make some heads turn at you for sure. Your friends will admire you and flock around you if you can carry off a piercing stylishly.

Golden opportunity 

Now that you know that a piercing adds spice to your style and attitude, what more would you want when a world class brand like Studex is offering you a free piercing for you! You have to grab this opportunity before you miss it. Studex is one of the pioneer piercings and stud manufacturing company in the world. We use equipment that makes piercings an extremely easy and painless procedure. So you do not have to get paranoid about hurting yourself anymore while getting your piercing done.

Why Studex

You might have come across stories about piercings which have gone wrong in the past. This is generally because of the unhygienic methods that are followed at ordinary outlets, which results in allergies and skin infections. You do not have to worry about all this when you are at Studex. We have sterilised equipment which are of international standards and our customers have never complained. You would be pleasantly surprised when you see that piercings can be so easy and painless.

So when a brand like us is offering a free piercing, you would not want to miss the bus in any way. Hurry up, Get your favourite piercing done now at Studex, the offer is limited!

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