Get A Sparkling Piercing Done This Women’s Day

Jewellery is something that signifies the beauty of women. From ancient times, women have worn jewellery and the tradition still continues in this day and age of technology. Jewellery can never go out of fashion especially when it comes to earrings. International Woman’s day, would definitely be the perfect occasion to get a beautiful piercing at Studex. Stand out in the crowd and you show that attitude to the world this woman’s day. Getting the right kind of piercing will bring the spirit back in your life and would bring a positive outlook in you.

World class technology

Studex has world class technology that ensures safe and hassle free piercing. Get a piercing done at the blink of an eye. Before you realise it, it’s already done and you won’t even feel any pain whatsoever. Studex has a wide range of designs to choose from. Make the most important woman of your life feel special this woman’s day by gifting her with a beautiful earing. She would be pleasantly surprised and a way and the love between the both of you would deepen. So go to the nearest Studex outlet now and book an amazing earring for your beloved.

Make a style statement

A sparkling earing on your beautiful ears would make a real style statement. Or if you are bold enough you can be more outrageous and get yourself a belly piercing at Studex. Show you real personality by getting the right piercing that speaks about your personality. Be voluptuous, feel sexy from within by getting a cool piercing this woman’s day.

So throw away all your worries and notions about getting a piercing because Studex gives you simple and easy options.  There is a general misconception that piercings are painful and takes a lot of time, but technology has reached the next level. Studex has world class technology that gives you completely safe piercings.

Our new outlet has opened at Zuni Stores in R-City which has a wide range of designs to choose form. Make this International Woman’s Day special by going to the nearest Studex outlet.

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